Tiger Corporation to launch new Stainless Steel Bottle "MJX-A048" featuring three dimensional Japanese traditional designs

TOKYO, Feb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Tiger Corporation will launch its new stainless steel bottle "MJX-A048" in the middle of February 2018, showcasing Japanese traditional craftwork and dimensional designs manufactured using the latest technologies.

Tiger Corporation has been manufacturing and releasing thermos products since the company's establishment in 1923.  The stainless bottle which is made with our vacuum insulation technology developed and cultivated through many years, along with the latest technologies on surface processing, have resulted in a product showcasing an uneven surface and three dimensional designs that can be even felt by a slight touch.

It has three kinds of designs: "KIRIKO," "KIMONO," and "TATAMI," which all express traditional beauty crafts representing Japan. In recent years, the sales volume of Japanese stainless thermos has been increasing, including visitors to Japan, who come for the traditional Japanese craft designs and cultures.

Tiger would like to keep introducing various local traditional crafts nurtured by each region's natural characteristics and culture by featuring traditional designs on stainless bottle products.

Stainless thermos featuring Japanese traditional craft designs
Stainless thermos featuring Japanese traditional craft designs

Product outline

Product type name: Stainless steel bottle
Product number: MJX-A048
Retail price: *Prices to be decided by retailers
Capacity: 0.48 Liters
Heat insulation capability: 6 hours / 71 degree or higher, 1 hour / 87 degree or higher
Cooling capability: 6 hours / 9 degree or lower
Size: approx. 7.0cm (width)×7.0cm (depth)×20.1cm (height)
Weight: approx. 0.23 kilograms
Color variations: KIRIKO / KIMONO / TATAMI
Date of release: In the middle of February, 2018

  • "Capacity" means volume contained when lid is closed
  • Stable heat insulation and cooling capabilities:  Vacuum ventilation process is done at our factory in Japan.  Using our high vacuum processes, the product provides stable heat insulation and cooling effects.  Since it is a vacuumed double structured stainless bottle, it provides a high thermal insulation effect to keep drinks cold in summer or warm in winter for longer hours.
    - The product keeps 87 degree or higher (*1) after one hour
    - The product keeps 9 degree or below (*2) after 6 hours

*1. Heat insulation capability is based on filling the bottle with hot water at 95 degree (+/- 1 degree) and placing the bottle vertically in a room at 20 degree (+/- 2 degree) for one hour and six hours
2. Cooling capability is based on filling the bottle with cold water at 4 degree (+/- 1 degree), and placing the bottle vertically in a room at 20 degree (+/- 2 degree) for six hours

  • Please note that actual product colors might look different from the product pictures

Product Features

1. New texture: Three dimensional designs with Japanese traditional feel and sense of texture by just touching it.

Three dimensional design with sense of touch realized by layers making technology
Three dimensional design with sense of touch realized by layers making technology

The three design motifs of "KIRIKO," "KIMONO," and "TATAMI" are applied to the product, with traditions representing Japan and learned from generation to generation.  The texture is felt by researching and developing methods to make layers for each of the three design motifs such as, sharply cut lines of Kiriko glass, woven textiles of Kimono cloths with numerous threads, and mesh of woven Tatami with soft rush.  By stacking each layer with colors and detailed design patterns one by one, a three dimensional feel is realized and the design motifs' textures can be felt by a simple touch, thus the user can enjoy our product every time when they grab the bottles.


It is said that "Kiriko cut glass" was born in Japan's Edo period developed by an Edo merchant named Kyubei Kagaya after he was inspired by what he saw in imported products. At the time Kiriko glassware was used as a daily product by ordinary people, and its beauty was refined and cultivated through the appreciation and enjoyment of daily life.


"Kimono" is considered one of Japan's cultural treasures. Kimono designs' motifs are inspired from seasonal plants and daily products, as people enjoy the change of seasons by wearing them.


Tatami is one of Japan's original culture icons and most Japanese traditional cultural activities such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement and incense ceremony were born and are always held on Tatami; thus, those ceremonies and formalities could not be developed without Tatami.

2. All made in Japan

Tiger's high-quality products are meticulously manufactured in Japan all the way from processing, evacuation, assembling, to packaging, in order to always deliver only safe products to our customers.

Wrap with special paulownia box and Furoshiki wrapping cloth
Wrap with special paulownia box and Furoshiki wrapping cloth
  • Paulownia box and Furoshiki wrapping cloth

We wrap the product by hand in Paulownia boxes and use Japanese traditional clothes.

3. Smoothed brim

The "smoothed brim" is round shaped and has a smooth texture like a mug cup, and is clean as a stainless item. By making the brim curled, it gives it the soft touch of a mug cup.

Other features

  •  Light weight and compact design

Since it is light-weight at 230grams, it is very handy to carry every day and everywhere.  Also, the curved grip nicely fits into any type of hand.

  •  Clean design

Our "super clean finished process" makes the inner bottle's surface very smooth. It hardly gets dirty or smells, and can be kept clean always by easy cleansing. (Please wash it right after use every time).

Stainless steel is applied to the lid material as well, making it hard to get dirty or rusted.  The whole bottle and all of its parts are washable.

Product's special website launched

The product's special website "The stainless steel bottle that carries Japanese traditional beauty to the world" has been launched.  Please refer to this website (adapted into four languages) for further product details:

English : https://tiger-sg.com/eng/mjx
Simplified Chinese : https://tiger-sg.com/chn/mjx

Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20180122/2037508-1-a
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