Tigerair to come under Scoot brand in 2017

Budget airlines Tigerair will come under the Scoot brand name in the second half of next year, Budget Aviation Holdings Pte Ltd announced on Friday (Nov 4).

The company, which owns and manages SIA Group's Scoot and Tigerair, said it has intentions to pursue a single brand and operating licence next year.

It added that the integration of the two budget airlines, expected to take place between mid- and end-2017, will provide passengers a more seamless travel experience.

This will include integrated flight scheduling and connections, as well as a common website, contact centre, and check-­in counters.

Budget Aviation Holdings CEO Lee Lik Hsin said: "The Tigerair business, which has an established network and market presence in Southeast Asia, will benefit from the strength of Scoot's brand for the next phase of its growth."