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TigerGraph Wins Rising Star Award at 2021 CybersecAsia Readers' Choice Awards

TigerGraph Wins Rising Star Award at 2021 CybersecAsia Readers' Choice Awards

SINGAPORE, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TigerGraph, provider of the leading graph analytics platform, today announced that it has been named a winner in the Rising Star Award category of the 2nd CybersecAsia Readers' Choice Awards 2021, an industry award that recognizes Asia Pacific leaders in cybersecurity, highlighting major advances and innovation made in the last two years. The Rising Star Award goes to cybersecurity providers that are newer to the Asia Pacific market, with early demonstration of promising and innovative solutions and services.

"TigerGraph is proud to be named a rising star by readers of CybersecAsia. Gartner predicts dramatic growth in the use for graph databases by 2025, where 80 percent of data and analytics innovations will be made using graph technology. This accolade is a nod to our role as the vanguard of all things graph supporting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning application in cybersecurity threat and fraud detection amongst the myriad of industry uses for graph database analytics," said Joseph Lee, vice president of Asia Pacific and Japan, TigerGraph.

As the world's fastest and most scalable graph platform, TigerGraph can traverse data from multiple data sources in fractions of a second to perform deep analytics in real-time, detecting anomalies, identifying malicious patterns of behavior, and train AI to prevent cybersecurity attacks at internet scale.

Victor Ng, Editor-in-Chief, CybersecAsia, said: "Graph database is an emerging technology that is expected to gain momentum in Asia Pacific. TigerGraph is a company to watch as it takes the lead to advocate the use of graph algorithms to support advanced analytics and machine learning applications, creating business use cases across the region – including advanced cyber-threat analytics."

TigerGraph also supports enterprises today in driving deeper insights for rapid decision making as they grapple with the unprecedented scale and complexity of distributed data across areas such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), supply chain management, network resource optimization and customer experience.

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About TigerGraph    

TigerGraph is a platform for advanced analytics and machine learning on connected data. Based on the industry's first and only distributed native graph database, TigerGraph's proven technology supports advanced analytics and machine learning applications such as fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), entity resolution, customer 360, recommendations, knowledge graph, cybersecurity, supply chain, IoT, and network analysis. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA. Start free with

2021 CybersecAsia Readers' Choice Awards

The 2nd CybersecAsia Awards recognizes Asia Pacific's leaders in cybersecurity for the critical roles played and the huge advances and innovations made over the last two years.

With the onslaught of COVID-19 and the rise of the digital economy, users are accessing business applications, corporate networks and sensitive data 'anytime, anywhere'. The increasingly broader threat surface brought on by remote working, cloud computing and the explosive growth of data has been a major challenge for organizations across all industry sectors in Asia Pacific.

The 2021 CybersecAsia Readers' Choice Awards marks another inflection point for the region, as government bodies, solution providers and end-user organizations collaborate to mitigate the risks brought about by increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats, financially motivated cybercriminals, state-sponsored bad actors, and intentional or unintentional internal threats.


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