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TIME Interconnect's Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Successfully Achieved ISO14064 Accreditation on Environmental Control

HONG KONG, Sep 22, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - TIME Interconnect Technology Limited ("TIME Interconnect", Stock Code: 1729.HK, with its subsidiaries collectively referred to as the "Group") is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary Linkz Industries (Suzhou) Limited ("Linkz Ind (Suzhou)") has recently achieved ISO14064 accreditation on environmental control, being the first wire and cable company in Asia to receive the Greenhouse Gas (the "GHG") verification from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ("UL").

With the increasing problems on global environment, the society has higher requirements for environmental protection. In particular, the Chinese government has issued a number of environmental protection policies in recent years, vigorously promoting enterprises to reduce damage on environment during production. As a well-established supplier of custom cable assemblies, Time Interconnect has always attached great importance to the protection of natural resources and the environment, and has actively implemented a series of environmental protection measures to achieve sustainable development, including low energy consumption, recycling, solar energy, electricity reduction and etc.

As a globally-recognized supplier of high-quality wires and cables, Linkz Ind (Suzhou), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, is also committed to the implementation of sustainable development throughout its supply chain, so as to ensure that the company can largely propect the environment and reduce the loss of resources while developing the company's business. This time, Linkz Ind (Suzhou) has commissioned UL, one of the world's leading safety science companies, to verify the GHG declaration of Linkz Ind (Suzhou) according to ISO14064-3:2019 GHG specification, and confirmed that the GHG emission of Linkz Ind (Suzhou) meets standard. This fully reflects Linkz Ind (Suzhou)'s unremitting efforts in strengthening environmental protection.

Mr. Lo Chung Wai, Chairman of TIME Interconnect, said, "We always believed that the development of enterprises and the protection of environment are complementary and coexisting. Therefore, Our Group has always attached great importance to corporate social responsibility, especially in environmental protection. We are very honored that Linkz Ind (Suzhou) can be recognized as the first wire and cable company in Asia to receive the GHG verification from UL. Moving forward, we will continue to implement proactive measures that minimize any negative impacts on the environment and which accelerate the process of reaching our goals of sustainable development."

About TIME Interconnect Technology Limited

TIME Interconnect Technology Limited is a well-established supplier of custom cable assemblies with more than 20 years of experience in the cable assembly industry. The Group primarily manufactures and supplies a wide variety of copper and optical fibre cable assemblies which are produced in accordance with the specifications and designs of individual customer. The products of the Group are used by a number of established PRC and international customers in a variety of market sectors including 5G telecommunications, data centre, industrial and medical equipment.

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