Tims China Announces Collaboration with Easy Joy Convenience Stores

Tims China and Sinopec's Easy Joy, which operates a network of over 27,800 convenience stores in China, are partnering to sell ready-to-drink Tims coffee products and explore opening Tims coffee shops at select Easy Joy stores across China

SHANGHAI, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TH International Limited, the exclusive operator of Tim Hortons coffee shops in China ("Tims China"), today announced a collaboration with Easy Joy, China's largest convenience store chain with 190 million loyalty club members. The partners agreed to develop co-branded ready-to-drink ("RTD") coffee products to sell in Easy Joy's network of more than 27,800 stores.  In addition, the partners will consider potentially locating Tims coffee shops in selected Easy Joy locations.

Tims China and Easy Joy plan to launch RTD beverages during the third quarter of this year, starting with Tims's ever-popular latte and mocha drinks.  

Tims China and Easy Joy co-branded latte
Tims China and Easy Joy co-branded latte

The partners are also mapping initial site selections for Tims coffee shops in select Easy Joy locations. 

Easy Joy convenience store at Sinopec service station. Tims China will sell co-branded coffee drinks and pilot opening Tims Express coffee shops
Easy Joy convenience store at Sinopec service station. Tims China will sell co-branded coffee drinks and pilot opening Tims Express coffee shops

Yongchen Lu, CEO of Tims China, said, "We are extremely excited to become partners with Easy Joy, the undisputed leader in convenience stores in China. We look forward to co-developing ready-to-drink products, a rapidly growing category, starting with our iconic latte and mocha drinks. Easy Joy's expansive store network will broaden our reach to meet new customers and enter new regions in China."

Yan Liu, President of Easy Joy, said "We are thrilled to work with Tims China to develop our first ready-to-drink coffee line. Our customers will love the refreshment and convenience that these drinks offer. For some time, we have been looking for the right partner to help open coffee shops at our convenience stores, and we are excited that we have found the right partners in Tims China."

About TH International Limited

TH International Limited is the parent company of the exclusive master franchise of Tim Hortons coffee shops for Restaurant Brands International Inc. (TSX: QSR) (NYSE: QSR) in China, including Hong Kong and Macau. TH International Limited was founded by Cartesian Capital Group and Tim Hortons Restaurants International, a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International.

Tims China offers freshly brewed coffee, tea and other beverages, bakery & sides, and sandwiches and is an emerging coffee champion in China. The brand's philosophy is rooted in world-class execution and data-driven decision making and centered on true local relevance, continuous innovation, genuine community, and absolute convenience. For more information, please visit www.timhortons.com.cn.

About Easy Joy

Easy Joy is a leading convenience store chain in China, with over 27,800 stores and 190 million loyalty members. Easy Joy is a subsidiary of Sinopec, the largest gas station network in China. Sinopec is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SNP), the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600028), and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0386).


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