Tineco Presents Three New Smart Household Appliances at IFA 2022

Tineco Presents Three New Smart Household Appliances at IFA 2022

Tineco will participate in IFA for the first time, showcasing a next-generation wet/dry vacuum, a spot cleaner with hands-free Spot Mode, and a toaster with a touch-screen

BERLIN, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Tineco, the leading provider of floor care and smart home devices, will introduce three new smart home appliances at the 62nd International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA): the CARPET ONE Spot upholstery cleaner, the FLOOR ONE S7 PRO wet / dry vacuum cleaner, and the TOASTY ONE smart toaster. Tineco will showcase these and other products at IFA in Hall 7.1A, Stand 107.

TOASTY ONE: A dual-slot smart toaster with touch screen that can toast 2 slices of bread differently

With the smart TOASTY ONE, two slices of bread can be toasted to the same or to different levels of crispiness. Users set their desired shades on the toaster's 4-inch touch screen. The toaster comes with two of Tineo's patented technologies: IntelliHeat™ and GoldenCrispy™. The patented IntelliHeat algorithm fine-tunes the toasting process by recognizing the condition of the bread, automatically adjusting the heat output, and then toasting the bread to the chosen level. The whole family can use the touch-screen to save up to eight unique preferences for quicker toasting. Tineco's GoldenCrispy technology guarantees the desired results every time. The TOASTY ONE locks in moisture and provides a crispy texture on the outside while the inside remains airy and flavorful. Built-in auto-lifts and a removable crumb tray further simplify the operation.

The TOASTY ONE (MSRP $339) is expected to be available from mid-September 2022 on tineco.com and Amazon. 

CARPET ONE Spot: Smart cordless upholstery cleaner with spot mode

The CARPET ONE Spot is Tineco's latest addition to its carpet cleaner range. The most remarkable feature of this unit is the "Set-and-Go" Spot Mode which allows the device to independently detect, scrub and remove stubborn stains by itself. Gone are the days of repeatedly bending down and manually scrubbing to clean carpets and upholstery. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, the CARPET ONE Spot is ideal for damp dirt and spilled liquids on carpets, stairs, upholstered furniture, and car interiors – free from the hassle of plugging in and dragging the power cable around.

The iLoop™ Smart Sensor detects the level of dirtiness and automatically adjusts the roller speed and water flow needed. It lights up blue when the area is clean. Equipped with a powerful brushless motor, a motorized cleaning head, and powerful suction, the unit cleans dirty spots with ease. After each use, at the press of a button, the machine flushes the interior of the hose as well as the brush head to eliminate odors and dirt.

Tineco offers two CARPET ONE Spot models – an advanced model (MSRP $499) and the Essentials model (MSRP $399), both expected to be available beginning November 2022 on tineco.com and Amazon.

FLOOR ONE S7 PRO: The latest generation in Tineco's award-winning wet/dry vacuum cleaner series

Thanks to its SmoothPower system, the newest FLOOR ONE wet & dry vacuum intelligently predicts movement and assist users via two motors on the brush head, making pushing and pulling even easier. Dual-edge cleaning and a row of headlights on the brush head make cleaning along baseboards and hard-to-reach corners a breeze.

Like all FLOOR ONE smart floor washers, this model features the iLoop™ algorithm to constantly adjust suction power and water flow according to the levels needed for a perfect cleaning. As a result, clean water and battery power on the S7 PRO run simultaneously for up to 40 minutes, with no interruptions. The 3.6-inch LCD screen features Tineco's on-board assistant which provides vivid guidance while displaying the iLoop indicator and operating status.

The FLOOR ONE S7 PRO converts tap water into electrolyzed water that can be used for deep cleaning on hard floors – no additional cleaning solution is required. The vacuum's self-cleaning cycle now comes equipped to flush with electrolyzed water and dry with high-speed centrifugal force to prevent the spread of mold or bacteria.

The FLOOR ONE S7 PRO is expected to be available beginning December 2022 on tineco.com and Amazon.

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