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Tongle's Groundbreaking Initiative to Foster Mental Wellness and Resilience Across Malaysian Universities

Tongle's Groundbreaking Initiative to Foster Mental Wellness and Resilience Across Malaysian Universities

In a resounding commitment to enhance the mental well-being of Malaysia's youth and empower its citizens with invaluable skills, Tongle is thrilled to announce the launch of a comprehensive listener campaign spanning the entire expanse of Malaysian universities.

The heart of this initiative lies in equipping students with the tools and knowledge necessary to support those in distress. Participants will partake in an immersive one-day workshop designed to instill active listening abilities, recognition of symptoms associated with distress, and the appropriate steps to offer assistance, ultimately guiding individuals toward the right resources.

Tongle's ambitious campaign aims to train an impressive 300,000 students over the course of 12 months. These newly certified listeners will not only be capable of providing aid to themselves but will also extend their support to those in their immediate circles.

Moreover, Tongle is elevating the experience with a remarkable global dimension. Certified listeners will have the opportunity to assist individuals worldwide through the Tongle App Platform, including countries like Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan. They will receive hourly rate payment for their time and expertise, making it a rewarding experience for all involved.

Notably, the workshop is made available at no cost, thanks to Tongle's collaboration with licensed counselors and psychologists who are dedicated to making a nationwide impact on youth's mental well-being. For adults, it's at a mere fee of RM 300. 

The content within the program is thoughtfully curated, embracing both Singaporean and Malaysian cultures, ensuring that it is not only easily digestible but also readily applicable during challenging situations.

In a world where awareness alone is insufficient, Tongle's visionary initiative is a call to action, emphasizing the importance of prevention in fostering a resilient and mentally sound nation.

Join Tongle in this transformative journey towards a brighter, more resilient Malaysia. For more information and inquiries, please contact

About Tongle:

Tongle is a pioneering force committed to improving the mental well-being of youth in Malaysia and beyond. Through innovative initiatives and collaborations with licensed professionals, Tongle aims to empower individuals with the skills to recognize and assist those in distress, fostering a more resilient society.

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