Tonjoo Helps Kolase to Get 10.000 Users in 2 Months

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Tonjoo as a website and mobile application development company again accomplishes a satisfying achievement by helping Kolase in reaching 10,000 users in a moment.

Teddy Adhitya as one of the guest star
Teddy Adhitya as one of the guest star

"We never expect that our collaboration with Tonjoo will be this epic. We are amazed. In less than 2 months, we can get more than 10 thousand users," said Ryan Maulana Rizky as Marketing Communication from PT. Kawan Indonesia, the company that initiated the idea of itself is a brand new startup in Indonesia that carries the concept of crowdfunding, especially in music. Kolase connects artists and audiences in an art collaboration. Crowdfunding itself is a growing business concept in Indonesia.

In Kolase, the musicians focus on composing their artworks. Meanwhile, the fans and supporters may support their favorite musicians by collected the funding via Fans are invited to actively engage and collaborate together in creating an artwork. To say nothing off, this digital collaboration is predicted to be the future of Indonesian music.

In the development process, PT. Kawan Indonesia is not alone. Since mid 2017, PT. Kawan Indonesia, assisted by Tonjoo as its trusted tech partner, worked hard to improve the idea and concept. Together, the concept is continuously polished until it is officially launched on February 1, 2018.

"The traffic grows rapidly. There can be more than two thousand users at a time," added Ryan when interviewed in KolaseFest! Rocket One which was held at Piazza Gandaria City on Friday (27/4/2018). KolaseFest! is an event that was initiated to introduce officially to the public and educate the public about the importance of collaboration in producing an artwork.

In this event, Kolase added that the surprising achievement not only came from the numbers of its users only. Within 2 months since its launch, Kolase has successfully funded 8 music projects and raised more than Rp 340 million.

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Marketing at Tonjoo

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