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Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry

Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry

Frost & Sullivan's experts present strategic insights on key trends such as genomic testing, digital operating rooms, at-home clinical trial services, and remote patient monitoring

SAN ANTONIO, Jan. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The post COVID-19 pandemic recovery and other geopolitical events in 2021 has left the healthcare & life sciences industry in a remarkable position to be ready for 2022 and beyond. As healthcare consumerism continues to boom, Frost & Sullivan forecasts the global healthcare & life sciences industry to hit revenues of $2.8 trillion by 2025.

To help companies identify new avenues for top-line growth and plan for a more fruitful 2022, Frost & Sullivan's team of industry experts have compiled a complimentary insight: ROAD TO 2022: Spot Light on Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry – What's Next?

To download the complimentary insight, please click here.

"The omicron wave is upon us, and industry leaders continue to be pinned to successfully navigate this wave with solid growth strategies—one designed with clear goals in mind to address the permanent features of long covid," noted Nitin Naik, Global Practice Area Leader-Healthcare & Life Sciences at Frost & Sullivan. "While it is difficult to predict the future, we have (or Frost & Sullivan analyst team has) identified 10 growth opportunities which will greatly increase industry's successful transition into the new normal."

Gain insights into exciting new growth opportunities, strategic imperatives and future developments in the following areas:

  1. Multi-omics based blood tests
  2. Targetted RNA Therapeutics
  3. Digital operating room efficiency solutions
  4. Ambulatory surgery centers
  5. Bedside imaging
  6. Clinical lab consulting services
  7. At-home clinical trial services
  8. Behavioral health management solutions
  9. Remote patient monitoring platforms
  10. Digital therapeutics

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