Top 12 Enterprises in the Semi-final of Auto Valley Capital Island - Industry Innovation Competition Were Announced

WUHAN, China, Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 10th, the semi-final of "Auto Valley Capital Island - Industry Innovation Competition", which is held by Wuhan Economic Development Investment Co., LTD, and sponsored by Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (Hannan) and Wuhan Financial Regulatory Bureau, drew to a successful close, with 12 enterprises entering the final.

Since the launch in June, the competition has attracted great attention from all walks of life, gaining nearly 4 million online users to watch it.

The semi-final took wheel war model with two competitions a week. A total of 80 innovative entrepreneurial teams from the United States, Israel as well as domestic provinces and cities took part in the competition, chasing for the championship in the following four areas, automobile and new energy, intelligent manufacturing and new materials, smart home and modern architecture industry, as well as division N (including general aviation, life science and health, modern agriculture, modern services, and cultural entertainment).

Yuan Yong, founder of Zhongton Capital, and Hou Jiechao, founder of 100SUMMIT, conducted pre-race roadshows and guidance for the teams respectively to enhance their comprehensive competitiveness. On the day of the semi-final roadshow, various wonderful activities were held, such as promotion of Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (Hannan), keynote speech, and round table dialogue, which provided a platform for in-depth interaction between enterprises from different regions and sectors.

The host of the competition invites founders and VP from more than 20 venture capital institutions such as Hongtai Aplus, Chengwei Capital, and Kinzon Capital, as judges of the semi-final. In addition, investors from 40 venture capital institutions such as Fortune Capital, MainTrend Capital, Walden International, and so on, are invited as observers in the roadshow. The competition has set up an efficient platform for communication between excellent scientific and technological innovation projects and resources of investment institutions, promoting the application and implementation of scientific and technological achievements of outstanding projects.

An official of Wuhan Economic Development Investment Co., LTD said that "the aim to hold the competition is to mine for a group of truly skilled and capable unicorns world-widely for future. The mature financial policies, innovation policies, talent policies and unique government industrial funds of Auto Valley Capital Island will provide sufficient support for entrepreneurial teams and boost enterprises to expand development space in the future."

Enterprises are the crucial converters between science and technology as well as industrial development. It has always been possible for Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (Hannan) to increase the policies for science and technology industry, attracting a number of excellent enterprises to settle down in Auto Valley Capital Island. In the future, the top 12 outstanding teams will gather in Wuhan to chase for the championship.

Remember the date of September 24th. The final of Auto Valley Capital Island - Industry Innovation Competition is about to kick off on that day. Let's keep an eye on China Auto Valley Capital Island and witness the birth of industry unicorn of the future!