The top five things to expect at CLOUDSEC 2019

SINGAPORE, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CLOUDSEC is back bigger and better. Hosted by Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, CLOUDSEC 2019 is an industry-leading cybersecurity conference for business and IT thought leaders. Come join CLOUDSEC 2019 on August 14, Wednesday, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

PICTURE THIS! See. Secure. Go Further

This year's CLOUDSEC will focus on two key cybersecurity trends - detection and response; and hybrid cloud security. In 2018, Singapore continued to face advanced persistent threats (APT)[1], highlighting the importance of having detection and response beyond endpoints. Securing the cloud is also a growing mandate - 90 percent[2] of businesses in Asia Pacific use or expect to use a multi-cloud environment - pointing towards the need for a strong security posture for cloud infrastructure.

It is a never-ending race to one-up cybercriminals. CLOUDSEC offers a platform for industry professionals to convene and share best practices and insights to combat cyber threats. Here are five reasons why business and IT thought leaders should attend CLOUDSEC 2019, the cybersecurity event of the year.

1. Bolster visibility for threat investigation beyond the endpoint

Almost half (45 percent) of IT security teams receive more than 10,000 security alerts daily, according to a 2018 Imperva survey[3]. The universal level of pain and inefficiency this causes is clear. This requires a layered approach to security - leveraging a range of techniques that all work together - sharing threat intelligence across the enterprise and speeding up the time for detection and response.

Eric Skinner, Vice President, Market Strategy, at Trend Micro, will share tips and advice on managing risk before, during and after an attack.

2. Cybersecurity should not get lost in the clouds

The cloud environment has evolved over the years, from on-premise, virtual machines, hybrid cloud, and to containers and serverless applications in the future. The truth is that cloud security is a shared responsibility - while the service provider offers security for the underlying infrastructure, the organization is responsible for securing the data itself.

Hear from Huang Shaofei, President of Infocomm Security Chapter of Singapore Computer Society (SCS), the different security responsibilities in on-premise and cloud environments, and leadership tips around how to stay dynamic and adaptive in the cloud era.        

3. Detection and response in the OT environment

As the industrial sector moves towards Industry 4.0, operational technology (OT) begins to converge with information technology (IT). This integration inevitably leads to the exposure of hardware and software in the connected factory to a wider range of threats. How should businesses address this?

David Tay, Chief Information Officer, Beyonics, will join CLOUDSEC this year to discuss the need for detection and response strategies for the OT environment, how it should be safely linked to IT cybersecurity strategies, and how businesses can start off on the right foot to address IT-meets-OT threats.

4. Get a first glimpse of Trend Micro's new XDR offering  

By now, endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools have been available for a while, and many organizations have adopted the technology. While absolutely necessary, EDR is no longer sufficient to meet the evolving need to have more activity data - such as telemetry, metadata, and netflow - for faster detection and response.

The industry is now moving to XDR - the ability to do detection and response across email, endpoint, server, cloud workloads, and network via a single platform or managed service. Trend Micro recently became the first to deliver XDR across all of these vectors. Read their announcement here.

During CLOUDSEC Singapore, Trend Micro will showcase demos of their newly launched XDR technology.

5. The inaugural #CLOUDSEC_Challenge for technical engineers   

This year, Trend Micro is hosting its very first #CLOUDSEC_Challenge during the conference, from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M., at the Solution Village.

The challenge is specially designed by Trend Micro's cloud solution architect, and will put technical engineers' hacking and cyber defense skills to the test. The challenge encompasses six technical, hands-on tasks that require the engineers launch and defend against cyber threats in a simulated cloud environment. The winner gets to bring home shopping vouchers worth up to S$1,000.

Attracting over 800 attendees in 2018, CLOUDSEC Singapore has become one of the biggest regional cybersecurity conferences. Organizations need to see order in chaos, see things from a different perspective, and even take a step back to see the big picture. Having visibility through the power of collective and connected intelligence helps businesses build cyber resilience - allowing them to go further and do more.

Welcome to CLOUDSEC 2019. Join us on August 14 - you will not be disappointed.

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