TPIsoftware's AI-Powered SysTalk.Chat to Elevate Chang Gung Memorial Hospital's Customer Services

TPIsoftware's AI-Powered SysTalk.Chat to Elevate Chang Gung Memorial Hospital's Customer Services

TAIPEI, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking the trophy as the one of the best products in Taiwan at Taiwan Excellence Awards 2023, TPIsoftware's award-winning SysTalk.Chat, the conversational AI chatbot, has reached new heights in driving the healthcare industry forward with optimized AI-powered customer services. Through TPIsoftware's integrated with AI text and voice-enabled bot, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the largest international medical center in Taiwan, has transformed into a smarter healthcare provider shifting from traditional IVR systems, and has become the first medical institution in Taiwan equipped with holistic smart voice-enabled customer services.

Since the trial run in May last year, the AI voice agent Apo has assisted the healthcare professionals of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in serving over 80,000 person-times per month, achieving an astounding 92% customer satisfaction. The service spans from appointment slots query, hospital bed admission query to medical information and more, making healthcare more accessible to people. Besides, it has performed the outbound calling of the patient inquiry for history of travel, occupation, contact, and cluster (TOCC) to track the status of more than 18,000 patients each month, reducing the burden on the medical staff by up to 52%. The traditional appointment scheduling is often a lengthy process; however, with its exclusive dual algorithms, SysTalk.Chat has empowered Apo's contextual communications, which allows people to book a doctor's appointment via texts or calls within 2 to 3 minutes and saves 50% of the time spent. "We have incorporated the traditional customer services with our SysTalk.Chat to make phone support available without network connection, making Apo better serve users of all generations," said Jeff Lin, VP of Innovation & AI Product Division at TPIsoftware.

Known as a Fintech expert at home and abroad, TPIsoftware has also been acclaimed for its artificial intelligence expertise with many success cases across various industries such as finance, public services, transport and more. Besides Taiwan Excellence Awards 2023, its AI innovation has been recognized by the Future Commerce Awards 2022 and the CX Asia Excellence Awards 2021, along with government's affirmation as a certified AI service organization and a first-place vendor of Co-supply Contract Procurement in Innovative Technology from Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital's adoption of SysTalk.Chat marks a big step forward for the healthcare industry in Taiwan to revolutionize the patient experience, as it is the first hospital using AI-powered text and voice-enabled customer service. Compared to the widespread adoption in financial services and other industries, AI chatbot is not prevalent in healthcare systems; many hospitals are still providing customer support in a traditional way, and digitally-driven healthcare is imperative to foster wider accessibility for patients. TPIsoftware has been at the forefront of transforming services delivery in healthcare with innovative AI, helping the industry focus more on patient care and maximize hospital efficiency.

"Digital technology has been a catalyst in the healthcare industry. We are delighted to implement TPIsoftware's SysTalk.Chat to deliver optimized customer experience and build seamless communication between the hospital and patients," said Chia-Hao Lee, manager of Medical Information Division from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

Ben Yao, CEO of TPIsoftware, said "The pandemic has prompted the healthcare industry to rethink their approach to customer journey, and TPIsoftware is honored to reshape the customer services of the industry with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. TPIsoftware will continue to drive smart healthcare with the best AI technology."

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