Trailer of The Wolf and Talu Wang's Wolf King Released

BEIJING, Aug. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The first trailer of the legendary costume TV drama The Wolf has been released on Chinese Valentine's Day. Directed by Taiwanese producer Chen Yu-shan and starred by Talu Wang, a star from Giant Goal Entertainment, and Qin Li, the story is about the Wolf King falls in love with only one woman in his lifetime. The trailer shows a sweet but entangled love story which adds some romance to this Chinese Valentine's Day.

Stage photo from TV drama THE WOLF
Stage photo from TV drama THE WOLF

Youwen Zhu (Talu Wang) grew up in a thick forest. During the Later Liang Dynasty, by chance, he met Star Ma (Qin Li), daughter of the master of Kui State. Later he fell off a cliff for saving a wolfling and was saved by Wen Zhu, the King of Later Liang Dynasty. Going through lots of adversities, such as scrambling for power, making choices between wolf nature and human nature, falling in love with Star but ended up with betrayal and hatred, he gradually became the King of Bo who has a vicious and forceful personality.

The trailer brings a glimpse of the producers' elaborations on the costumes, props, scenes, etc. From the cruel wolves to the scene of snow world, every details are presented in life-like images. All these would raise the audiences' expectation about this legendary TV drama.

It's the second time for Chen Yu-shan to join hands with Talu Wang after their first cooperation in the movie -- Our Times. Knowing fairly well about Wang, Director Chen can always help Wang to show his best in front of the screen. In their first cooperation in Our Times, Chen has fully revealed Wang's domineering temperament. Hence, it's more likely that the role of King of Bo is tailored for him. Chen said: "With tanned skin and manliness, Talu Wang particularly looks like Wolf King in the play." So, let's wait and see what surprise Chen Yu-shan and Talu Wang will bring us in The Wolf .

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