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Transformation in the Middle of a Pandemic, BRI President Director Sunarso is named the Most Visionary CEO

Transformation in the Middle of a Pandemic, BRI President Director Sunarso is named the Most Visionary CEO

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The COVID-19 pandemic, which is still happening to date, has become an accelerator of transformation in Bank BRI (BBRI). This transformation process was appreciated by BUMN Track magazine, where at the 9th BUMN Award 2020 event held in Jakarta (09/07) BRI President Director Sunarso was named the Best Public Company Visionary CEO and the Best Talent Development CEO. In the event, BRI also won awards as state-owned enterprises with the Best Growth Strategy, state-owned enterprises with the Best Organizational Transformation, state-owned enterprises with the Best GCG Implementation, state-owned enterprises with the Best Superior HR Development. BRI also won the Best Overall state-owned enterprises.

The Chairperson of the 2020 BUMN Anugerah event Jury Board includes Dr. Tanri Abeng (state-owned enterprises Observer and BUMN Track Expert Council) with Prof. Bramantyo Djohanputro, Ph.D., M.B.A (Executive Director of PPM Management), Dr. Enny Sri Hartati (INDEF Senior Researcher), Dr. Mas Achmad Daniri M.Ec (Chairman of the KNKG), Dr. Abdulgani, MA (President Director of Garuda Indonesia 1998 - 2002, Observer of state-owned enterprises), Dr. Triono Saputro (Director of PPM Management Organization Development Services), Andi Ilham Said, Ph.D (Head of PPM Management Research and Development Center), Lenita Tobing (partner of PwC Consulting Indonesia), Tulus Abadi (Chair of YLKI).

Sunarso who attended the event explained that the crisis caused by the current pandemic was different from the previous crisis. "However, with the current pandemic, the banking industry is more prepared, and its risk management improves," added Sunarso.

BRI itself has a way to survive and continue to grow amidst an economic condition full of uncertainty. Transformation is a strategy that is being implemented, and Sunarso said that the transformation has been carried out by Bank BRI since 2016. "The objects of BRI's transformation are carried out in two areas, namely digital and culture. And, the pandemic that occurred has accelerated the transformation," added Sunarso.

"In terms of digital transformation, BRI innovates products, business processes and operations to adjust people's behavior, such as by presenting digital loans and digital savings while growing healthy through selective growth. Meanwhile, culture transformation is centred on cultural change based on performance so that everyone can design their own success," he added. Apart from that, from the cultural side, the implementation of WFH and flexy working, changes in the function and role of the BRI office network and the implementation of health protocols in all BRI offices became commonplace among BRI.

Along with the transformation program that is currently being carried out, BRI is also taking an active role in terms of saving Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the National Economic Recovery Program (program Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional /PEN).

"This crisis is attacking all segments of society, including MSMEs where they cannot carry out their economic activities due to the pandemic. BRI, as the largest MSME bank in Indonesia, does not remain silent seeing the existing conditions and since the beginning of the pandemic, BRI has made breakthroughs in terms of saving MSMEs in Indonesia, "explained Sunarso.

Until the end of June 2020,  BRI had restructured 2.9 million MSME customers with loans reaching IDR 176 Trillion, where the restructuring was carried out through lowering interest rates and postponing payment of interest and / or principal rates for a maximum of 12 months. In addition, BRI has also distributed additional stimulus for the first stage of Micro Credit Program (Kredit Usaha Rakyat/KUR) interest subsidy that has been received from the government amounting to IDR 12.9 billion to more than 211 thousand Micro Credit Program debtors throughout Indonesia.

As an effort to revive MSMEs again, BRI has also received a placement of funds from the government of IDR 10 trillion as the implementation of PMK no. 70. "BRI is committed to disbursing a minimum of IDR 30 trillion in the next 3 months, which is focused on the MSME sector with the food and agriculture sectors as priorities," added Sunarso.

Another commitment shown by the company to revive the Indonesian economy is by continuing to distribute Micro Credit Program selectively. Until the end of June 2020, BRI has distributed Micro Credit Program of IDR 56 trillion to more than 2 million MSMEs, where this figure is equivalent to 46.6% of the target that was set by the government.

"No matter how big a crisis is, we have to face it calmly and then with a good strategic response. By having a good strategic response, actually half of the crisis has been resolved. I am optimistic that this nation can pass this crisis well," concluded Sunarso.

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