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Travel Influencer and Entrepreneur Kev Legend Expands Brand to Educate, Empower and Give Back

Revolutionizing the expat experience with education and community.

Kev Legend, a seasoned travel influencer and entrepreneur, is unlocking a new level of adventure with his brand expansion. Aside from sharing stunning destinations, he's transforming his brand into a one-stop shop for aspiring global citizens. Legend is turning travel dreams into reality through his unique blend of travel expertise, expat coaching, educational resources, partnerships, and an established community.

Dreaming of moving abroad has become more commonplace. Interacting with and experiencing foreign cultures is now a classic prescription for interconnectedness. But moving to another country takes time and effort, and even with ample time, it can be a real headache. It takes more than just financial planning and preparing for a new cultural experience due to the added layer of immigration, shipping, customs, and more. Legend's comprehensive courses and checklists are designed to help expats thrive in their new environments. Moreover, the travel influencer continues to build a supportive community to help travelers transition smoothly.

"Even with the checklists, dos and don'ts and travel guides, nothing truly prepares you for when you land in a new country. It is such a beautiful yet scary experience," says Legend. "But, if you want to travel the world, I want you to realize that if I can do it, so can you."

Legend's unique approach to expat coaching is built upon his travel experiences. With a suitcase full of envy-inducing keepsakes, a passport stamped full of adventures, and a gallery full of picturesque snaps, Kevin Legend has lived the expat life and understands the unique challenges standing in the way of individuals and their dream travel life. Legend translates his firsthand experiences into practical tools and resources to smooth the expat journey. He also recognizes that he cannot do it alone. He strives to partner with tourism boards worldwide to champion travel tourism and ensure a seamless transition into foreign cultures and communities. "Through my experiences, I've learned that preparation is only half of it, a strong support system is crucial for a smooth and successful move," added Legend. "My main goal is to show people they can do anything they set their mind to with proper planning and support."

Under the umbrella of Kev Legend are initiatives such as BreakThrough Global, Expat Launchpad, Culture Shock, Inspiration Nation, and Big Feelings Collection, all founded to cater to the diverse needs of expats. Each of his initiatives focuses on a different aspect of travel and the expat lifestyle. His educational initiative, Expat Launchpad, offers online courses on visa applications, financial planning, housing, and more. Travelers can easily find resources like pre-move and visa checklists, healthcare considerations, cultural integration strategies, pet relocation guidance, and emergency contact protocols. BreakThrough Global focuses on expat coaching to simplify the relocation process, while Culture Shock focuses more on showcasing his unique travel experiences and discoveries. With Inspiration Nation, Legend has built a motivational platform that shares stories of triumph to encourage other individuals and families as they embark on their international adventures. 

Kev Legend goes beyond simply teaching and empowering travelers and expats. He adopts the mantra, "We give back where we end up," emphasizing travel with purpose. As his brand grows, Legend strives to inspire travelers and expats to make a difference, one that creates a positive social impact wherever they visit. His Big Feelings Collection travel shop reflects this belief, offering more than stylish gear for the modern traveler. The store champions sustainability and supports local artisans, promoting responsible tourism and a deeper appreciation for different cultures. "We're not just helping people relocate, we are making sure they become part of the solution to build better communities," he said.

While the travel industry embraces the growing consumer appetite for travel tourism and international relocation, Kev Legend remains committed to simplifying the expat experience through education and community. He continues to equip expats with the knowledge, support, inspiration, and travel content they need by developing new resources, tailored coaching programs, destination guides, and more. 

Kev Legend is taking it a step further with his upcoming book "If Not You Then Who." He explains that this book will not only delve deeper into his core beliefs, it will empower readers to take charge of their lives and actively contribute to building a more interconnected world.

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