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TravelerBuddy launches a new version of its all-in-one Travel App

TravelerBuddy launches a new version of its all-in-one Travel App

SINGAPORE and ZURICH, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Travel made easy, no matter if travelers are on the road or up in the air: TravelerBuddy has launched a new version of their one-stop digital travel assistant. The uplifted design and new extended features provide frequent travelers with time-saving travel convenience and more relevant information than ever before.

Planning trips has never been easier - independent of booking source

TravelerBuddy automatically generates travelers' trip itinerary in one single step. Simply forward any booking confirmation to, and the digital travel assistant securely processes the data for travelers. The app reads booking emails from airlines, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, sightseeing, railways, cruises, and even event tickets. No email? Just enter travel details manually - it will only take seconds.

Innovative, easy-to-use all-in-one app

Maximize travel convenience via mobile or web: From trip planning, country-specific pre-travel check, flight check-in, real-time flight alerts, map navigation, immigration assistance, foreign exchange, weather forecast, time difference, access to original travel documents up to expense management all combined in one single app.

Experience convenience around travels with a smart digital assistant

Dynamic notifications inform travelers about what is to happen next on a trip. A countdown guides travelers through the days, so no chances anymore to miss a flight, dinner or meeting. The integrated map shows travelers the route and time to their next location (e.g. to a hotel, airport, restaurant, sightseeing) with the preferred method of transport. And amongst other alerts, TravelerBuddy sends a timely notification of an upcoming flight check-in for over 400 airlines - including all required information at hand.

Save time with newly developed tools

Helpful tools further contribute to a hassle-free travel experience. Useful location-based information such as weather, time difference, currency exchange rate, required visa and maps gets displayed automatically. The app gives travelers PIN-protected access to digital copies of relevant travel documents such as passport, driver's license, insurance policies, and banking cards, including a copy & paste function to other applications.

Sharing is caring

With just one tap travelers can share the entire itinerary or only a single booking (e.g. restaurant). Travelers can easily share via Messenger (e.g. WhatsApp) or Email with their network. Besides getting a detailed and well-organized travel plan, the receiver also gets the clickable location address, directly linked with Google Maps.

About TravelerBuddy

Traveler Buddy Group is a Singapore based, client-centric travel-tech company. Using the latest technology allows us to combining human with artificial intelligence. Our Swiss-Singaporean engineered app, developed by travel enthusiasts, has been attracting users in over 150 countries. Meanwhile TravelerBuddy experiences over 200,000 monthly app events, which not only create convenience around traveling but also enable hassle- and paper-free travels. TravelerBuddy - the one-stop app for the modern business and frequent leisure traveller.

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