Travelex Japan Opens Currency Exchange Stores in Shinchitose Airport

Travelex opens a new "Open Concept" Currency Exchange store at Shinchitose Airport on 30 August 2019, operating 6 currency exchange stores in total. Travelex is also redefining the currency exchange service by providing "Tourist QR PASS", partnering with travel agencies, to enable inbound customers to feel freedom and peace of mind to explore Hokkaido in the best possible way.

HOKKAIDO, Japan, Aug. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Travelex, the world's leading foreign exchange provider, today announced the opening of new "open concept" currency exchange stores at the Shinchitose Airport (IATA Code: CTS), Japan, on August 30, 2019. Following this new opening, there will be six Travelex currency exchange stores within Shinchitose Airport. The new stores will have digital screens for customers to explore the "Must-See" travel spots at their destinations, with the price in Japanese yen and foreign currencies, enabling customers to get the most out of their trip with the currency that they exchange at Travelex.

Travelex Japan Shinchitose Airport
Travelex Japan Shinchitose Airport

Travelex is also redefining currency exchange service with value added service at the existing stores. At the stores in the arrival hall, Travelex will show "Must-See" travel spots and tourist attractions within Hokkaido on the digital screen. One of the campaigns will be to give out one of Hokkaido's popular souvenirs, "Shiroikoibito" cookies, upon transacting with Travelex (while stocks last). Travelex will also be partnering with travel agencies to provide customers with a "QR discount pass" for the travellers to get discounts on admission fees at popular tourist attractions in Hokkaido. This will enable customers to feel freedom and peace of mind to explore Hokkaido in the best possible way.

Travelex will also be awarding ANA and JAL airline mileage, providing value added service to the airline's loyal customers.

Asia Pacific Commercial Director at Travelex, Cameron Hume stated: "Travelex is very excited to continue its expansion across Japan with these 2 new important stores in Shichitose Airport. Hokkaido is a booming destination for tourists from across Asia Pacific, with its wonderful food, skiing and natural beauty. We are honoured to serve Shinchitose Airport customers with Travelex's award-winning customer service, new open store designs and local insights about Hokkaido. Travelex has operated in Japan for over 15 years, and we continue to expand our retail and wholesale operations in line with the rapid growth in inbound tourists expected with the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympic Games."

Trading Director and Managing Director, Jun Otani, Travelex Japan stated: "Firstly, we are very honoured to open new stores in the newly expanded area in the airport. Hokkaido regional government has announced to target 5 million inbound tourists in 2020, and we are very proud of being a part of such an important initiative in this region. Travelex is well known as the most experienced global company to provide currency exchange services. Now we are ready to welcome all of the customers from around the world with OMOTENASHI spirit!"

Travelex places both the customer and business partner at the heart of the business. Travelex eliminated the traditional "currency exchange application form", allowing customers to transact without hassle, accepting 31 currencies to cater travellers from around the world located in 89 stores in Japan.

About Travelex

Headquartered in London, Travelex has a rich heritage in foreign currency, pioneering the travelers' cheques of the past and the digital payments of the future. With a presence in over 27 countries, and over 1,200 stores at both on-airport and off-airport locations around the world, Travelex has distilled its expertise and experience into a platform that reinvents physical and digital cross-border money movement globally to ensure its clients remain one step ahead of the competition. The platform provides financial institutions with a trusted, efficient and accurate international payments service, plus secure and reliable banknote delivery of both major and exotic currencies.

A category leading independent foreign exchange specialist, the business covers the entire value chain of the retail foreign exchange industry. Travelex Group is also active in the remittances and payments space enabling physical and digital cross-border money movement for consumers and financial institutions.

Travelex is part of Finablr, a global platform for Payments and Foreign Exchange solutions. With deep regulatory know-how, technology expertise and industry leading partnerships, Finablr companies provide a broad array of tailored and trusted financial solutions for consumers and businesses. With a global reach spanning 170+ countries, Finablr companies processed over 150 million transactions in 2018, managing nearly USD 115 billion for customers.

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