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Traveloka EPIC SALE Campaign Successfully Bolster Travellers' Confidence in the New Normal Era

Traveloka EPIC SALE Campaign Successfully Bolster Travellers' Confidence in the New Normal Era
  • Traveloka EPIC SALE campaign has received positive responses from the partners with a record of around 1,200 partners from travel and lifestyle services joining the campaign.
  • The data shows that the total transaction volume during the 7-day campaign is the highest compared to the early 2022, increasing by more than 2 times.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Traveloka, Southeast Asia's travel and lifestyle superapp, reveals travelers' confidence for traveling again as the company wraps up EPIC SALE campaign with impressive results. Happening from April 14th to 20th 2022, Traveloka EPIC SALE campaign attracted more than 1,200 partners from travel and lifestyle industry and recorded a more than 2-times increase in transactions, in comparison with the baseline in early 2022. With big deals that are up to 50% discount for diverse travel and lifestyle products and services, Traveloka aimed to create a convenient experience for customers to inspire and increase customers' confidence to travel with safety, flexibility, and value-for-money solutions. Traveloka EPIC Sale is a testament to the company's long-term commitment to supporting the growth of Vietnam's tourism ecosystem, especially during the new normal era to gradually boost the national economic recovery.

Ms. Huynh Thi Mai Thy, Country Manager, Traveloka Vietnam shared: "As the travel and lifestyle superapp, Traveloka set ambitious goals of bolstering optimism from the tourism industry to gradually recover from the pandemic through the 3rd EPIC SALE. With impressive results, the campaign not only inspires and increases customers' confidence to travel but also increases our partners' business results including hotel, attractions, and airline partners, etc. At the same time, we keep on protecting customers' safety through touch-less experience which will continue to be our focus in the near future."

Traveloka EPIC SALE campaign is cited as the company's biggest promotional campaign and is equipped with numerous captivating offers and innovations, such as: Deals of up to 50% for travel and lifestyle products from transport, hotels, food and drink, beauty & spa, tickets for sightseeing, and entertainment on Xperience. Moreover, customers can get thousand rewards blasts through Livestream, Godwy Game, Social media & Community Activities.

Wrapping up the program, EPIC SALE generated the most breakthrough business results of the decade for Traveloka's partners. In just 7 days of the program, EPIC SALE 2022 has recorded more than 2 times increase for transactions and traffic of Traveloka platform compared to Q1 2022. Collaborating with over 1,200 partners, this campaign is managed to boost the customer demand which can positively contribute to the partners' business and economic recovery in the tourism sector. Participated hotel partners earned Room night uplift more than 3 times during the EPIC SALE period.

Most favorite destinations include Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc, Da Nang, Ha Noi, and Nha Trang. During the EPIC SALE period, there has been an increasing preference towards alternative accommodations beside Hotels such as Villa, Apartment & Resort. Air-plane ticket bookings by customers also increase for weekend getaway to Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, and Da Nang. Traveloka also found that people are getting more confident to travel by purchasing ahead of their travel dates as shown by the increase in the longer booking window to more than 45%.

We have started to see the recovery of the tourism sector in Vietnam, as well as in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam announced its reopening of tourism, while HCMC also launched the "Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City" Program. Ms. Nguyen Cam Tu, the Director of Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Promotion Center said, "We appreciate the efforts shown by Traveloka to support the recovery of the tourism sector in Vietnam through various innovative solutions, including the EPIC SALE campaign. Through the campaign, Traveloka promoted HCMC as one of the safe destinations, as well as offering various products and services to attract visitors to come and experience the hospitality of HCMC and other destinations in Vietnam. Having said that, the HCMC Tourism Promotion Center is delighted to be partnering with Traveloka, as a travel and lifestyle superapp, and we look forward to another collaboration in the future to accelerate the digital transformation in the tourism sector in Vietnam."

The above results proved that the travel industry is excitingly bouncing back and Traveloka's EPIC SALE campaign successfully contributing to revive Vietnam's tourism industry, digitising the travel experience through the online booking on Traveloka app and web. The campaign also increases customers' confidence to travel with safety, flexibility, and value-for-money solutions. Following EPIC SALE 2022 impressive success of, Traveloka will continue to bring seamless travel experiences, technological advancements and safety to customers through its full suite of features within a single booking platform.

"EPIC SALE 2022 continues our efforts in providing travel 4.0 experience to Vietnam travelers. Such positive results of the EPIC SALE campaign prove that Traveloka is going in the right direction, motivating us to keep on providing travel 4.0 experience to Vietnam travelers", Ms. Huynh Thi Mai Thy concluded.


About Traveloka

Traveloka, Southeast Asia's travel & lifestyle superapp, provides users access to discover and purchase a wide range of travel, local services, and financial services products. Traveloka's comprehensive product portfolio includes transport booking services such as flight tickets, bus, trains, car rental, airport transfer, as well as access to the largest accommodation inventory in Southeast Asia, including hotels, apartments, guest houses, homestays, resorts, and villas, making Traveloka a booking platform with the widest selection of accommodation and packages.

Traveloka is also a key player in the local services category, offering reservations for a wide range of local attractions, activities, wellness and beauty clinics, culinary directories as well as food delivery. Traveloka also offers financing, payment, and insurance products to help Southeast Asian consumers fulfil their lifestyle aspirations. Traveloka provides 24/7 customer service in local languages as well as more than 40 different local payment methods. Traveloka's lifestyle super app has been downloaded more than 100 million times, making it the most popular travel and lifestyle booking application in the Southeast Asian region.


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