TRAVLR secures $5m Series A funding to launch revolutionary travel platform

MELBOURNE, Australia and BALI, Indonesia, Nov. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TRAVLR is a revolutionary travel platform set to disrupt the $1.29 trillion travel industry. Having raised $5m SERIES A funding, TRAVLR is set to redefine the way we travel.

TRAVLR co-founders Simon and Lani te Hennepe look forward to providing a much needed solution for the travel industry
TRAVLR co-founders Simon and Lani te Hennepe look forward to providing a much needed solution for the travel industry

From the founders of popular The Bali Bible, TRAVLR curates huge volumes of recommendations, personalises these to specific interests and allows seamless planning, booking and sharing - all in one simple platform.

In 2011, Australian co-founders Simon & Lani te Hennepe created The Bali Bible as a way to share recommendations with friends.

"When it first started it was us sharing our experience with friends, but we quickly realised there was a much bigger audience out there," says CEO & co-founder Simon te Hennepe.

Leveraging the early popularity of social media platforms, The Bali Bible gained a tribe-like following by connecting travellers to share their experiences and inspire each other.

"We were pretty surprised with how it took off, but could see something special happening. It makes so much sense that people want to connect over their travel experiences," comments co-founder Lani te Hennepe.

Since then, The Bali Bible has grown to become the authority on Bali travel with well over 2 million monthly visits and 290,000 pages of user generated recommendations.

The co-founders realised they were onto something special and quickly identified an opportunity.

"There was no single, seamless travel platform that offered an end-to-end experience," says CEO & co-founder Simon te Hennepe.

So they embarked on a journey to develop an evolved solution that would serve traveller needs at every stage.

TRAVLR evolves current travel technology to meet modern traveller expectations and intends to disrupt the incumbent market. The TRAVLR team have bold plans to integrate blockchain functionality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality into the travel experience.

TRAVLR operates in Bali and Fiji with plans to launch into New Zealand, Seychelles, Indonesia and Ibiza. TRAVLR secured its first round of funding from a syndicate of New Zealand investors via Suubee a platform connecting investors, traders, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

'We know from The Bali Bible that we can meaningfully improve the travel experience. We can't wait to launch TRAVLR across these new destinations where we can impact the lives of millions," says CEO Simon te Hennepe.

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