Tricor's e-meeting solution triumphs at Made in Hong Kong Awards

Its SPOT solution provides a smart, secure, and seamless method of conducting corporate meetings.

HONG KONG, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SPOT is a unified meeting platform integrated with e-proxy, live streaming of events, online attendance, online real time e-voting, and Q&A functions. Its multi-layered security and encryption keep the meetings safe and private whilst cloud infrastructure enables scalability for over 10,000 concurrent participants, delivering a meeting experience which is as complete as a closed-door physical meeting. It transforms traditional annual general meetings (AGMs) and extraordinary general meetings (EGMs) digitally for listed companies, non-governmental organisations (NGO), and corporate entities.

"Meeting virtually has become the new normal as many of us are still working from home and international travels are extremely difficult. Fortunately, technological advancements have made hybrid and virtual meetings possible, even for formal meetings like AGMs" said Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor Hong Kong.

"SPOT was designed and developed based on our strong belief in digitisation. This year's public health challenges have proven the values and importance of digitising our workflow. The adoption of real-time e-meeting solutions not only encourages shareholders' participation despite physical and geographical barriers, but also streamlines processes and enhances security, ultimately leading to better corporate governance – we at Tricor are firm believer of good corporate governance."

On top of SPOT, Tricor has also developed a number of innovative digital tools in 2020 to assist enterprise digitisation and enhance corporate governance, including:

  • Boardfolio- provides board members a secure and centralised board platform to collaborate and manage sensitive board materials and processes easily with the main feature of single login for multiple access;
  • e-Rental Portal- automates rental reimbursement applications and claim processes for HR departments;
  • Issuer portal- provides a streamlined view of all the services and solutions that are relevant to our listed issuer clients;
  • IPO App- leverages the EDDA technology and simplifies the initial public offering (IPO) application process and payment with the support of HSBC;
  • E-Signature- facilitates signing documents electronically with a secured platform and change of Article of Association.

"These products are vivid examples of how we prioritise product innovation and service excellence. For everything we do we keep our clients' needs in mind," said Catharine Wong, Managing Director – Head of Share Registry & Issuer Services of Tricor Hong Kong.

"Taking our IPO App as an example, with the support of HSBC, we have incorporated a hassle-free, secure and flexible IPO payment channel IPO Smart Pay into the app. The required amount will only be debited from the designated account automatically on the IPO closing date and it allows cancellation and resubmission of IPO applications anytime before the closing date, giving users extra flexibility when deciding which applications will best suit their needs," she added.

Next year, we will build on this year's momentum and launch several more new digital solutions, including a shareholder analytics tool for listed issuers, HR management 2.0 to help manage the employee life cycle more efficiently; and a corporate services portal for all our clients to access a wide range of services and solutions for achieving best practices in both internal and external governance.

The Hong Kong Business Made in Hong Kong Awards honour manufacture and product design excellence in the city, and have been awarding game changers in their industries.

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