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Trinasolar spotlighted all-scenario smart PV and energy storage solutions at SNEC 2024

Trinasolar spotlighted all-scenario smart PV and energy storage solutions at SNEC 2024

CHANGZHOU, China, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Trinasolar showcased a comprehensive portfolio of utility scale, commercial and industrial, and residential products, including solar PV modules, mounting structures, and energy storage at SNEC 2024.

Utility-scale solutions on SNEC, bringing higher value and efficiency

Trinasolar's utility-scale solutions composed by Vertex N 720W series modules, Vanguard 1P and Elementa 2 have drawn great attention from visitors. The company also exhibits its solutions for C&I and residential scenarios.

Vertex N 720W series modules feature higher energy yield and lower LCOE; Vanguard 1P tracker is endowed with exceptional energy yield and lower energy loss; Elementa 2 is an advanced and high-efficiency energy storage system for utility scale projects. "The combination of Trinasolar's modules, trackers and energy storage will bring customers greater value and lower LCOE," said Cao Yunduan, head of branding and marketing at Trinasolar.

Flagship energy storage product Elementa 2: higher reliability and lower LCOS

Trina Storage showcased their proprietary LFP cells with 314Ah and 500Ah battery capacities.

The exhibition of Elementa 2 gathered strong interest from visitors. The Elementa 2, equipped with Trina's in-house LFP battery cells, delivers an impressive 5MWh capacity, catering perfectly to the industry's shift towards larger systems. Elementa 2 features reliable, advanced and highly efficient design, meeting market needs. With Elementa 2, projects can be deployed faster and cost-effectively, delivering a lower LCOS while significantly reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

Vertex N 700W+ modules leading the field with advanced technology

Kiwa PVEL awarded Trinasolar Top Performer on SNEC, the tenth consecutive times and spoke highly of the Vertex N 720W series module, which is also exhibited on the show.

Trinasolar, the pioneer of 210mm product technology platform and n-type i-TOPCon, has led the industry in leveling up power output from 500W to 600W and then to 700W. The company has broken world record for 26th time.

Besides TOPCon, Trinasolar has substantial technical reserves across multiple technological pathways. Trinasolar exhibits modules based on advanced 210 technologies and integrate i-TOPCon, TSHJ and all back-contact technologies separately at SNEC, with a maximum power output of 760W+.

The display of Vanguard 2P tracker on SNEC has caught visitors' eye. The product, powered by a smart algorithm optimizing the tracking angle, ensures maximum energy generation and lower LCOE.

Trinasolar has always been an industry leader with its all-scenario smart PV and energy storage solutions.

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