Tunghsu Optoelectronic, a Leading Chinese Graphene application provider, signs Cooperation Agreements with the Institutions in 5 Asian Countries

BEIJING, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 12, Tunghsu Optoelectronic signed Agreement on Cooperation for Jointly Building Smart Cities with the related institutions in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mongolia to form a strategic partnership. Meanwhile, Tunghsu Optoelectronic also signed an Exclusive Agency Contract and Sale Contract of more than RMB 10 million with Okura Co., Ltd. for Graphene Thermolysis High Power LED Lights.

"The Belt and Road" initiative provides more strategic opportunities for corporations. The parties involved in the contracts have decided to build the development community in order to construct the IoT management platform for a smart city integrated with smart energy management, smart city administration, smart city safeguards, smart communication and smart transport to realize intelligent thermal management, intelligent lighting, intelligent travel and to speed up the establishment of smart cities, based upon the new technologies of graphene and the wide application of new energy vehicles, as well as bid data, cloud computing and Internet.

Tunghsu Optoelectronic is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end intelligent equipment in China, which is a public listed corporation and the subsidiary of Tunghsu Group. Its business include the R&D and manufacturing of optoelectronic displaying materials, the high-end equipment manufacturing and system integration, the industrialization of graphene applications, the R&D and production of new energy vehicles, the construction of smart cities, etc. Therein, the construction of smart cities has the distinguishing feature, driven by the industry of graphene applications.