TUV Rheinland's new furniture testing laboratory in Bangalore

Opens doors for Indian and foreign furniture manufacturers

BANGALORE, India, July 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TUV Rheinland India, a global leader in independent technical services, inaugurated its world-class furniture testing laboratory in Bangalore to support furniture manufacturers and exporters with comprehensive services to ensure compliance of their products as well as facilitate access to demanding market within India and abroad. The new facility also complements TUV Rheinland's existing global network of furniture testing laboratories and has been strategically positioned to assist India's growing furniture manufacturing industry.

With global buyers increasingly looking to India as a reliable supplier of furniture, either by partnering with domestic manufacturers or by setting up local operations, it is important that India's furniture sector fully understands the complexity of international quality standards. 

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Thomas Fuhrmann, Managing Director, TUV Rheinland India, said, "TUV Rheinland stands for quality and safety for people, technology and environment. Our laboratories are a significant contributor to the safety expertise that TUV stands for and we look forward to the new facility increasing safety consciousness in the Industry."

TUV Rheinland's world-class furniture testing facility can test a wide range of product categories in furniture that includes domestic/contract use furniture, outdoor, indoor and office furniture, children/school educational furniture, couch systems, sleeping furniture, mattress and much more.

Besides physical testing of furniture, TUV Rheinland also serves retail clients and provides tailored services in accordance to their needs and requirements besides catering to inspection services such as PSI, FI, FRI, Dupro, LS and Training/Consulting/Seminars.

"When it comes to furniture products, quality, durability, safety and ergonomics are some of the top priorities for consumers. Our newly inaugurated furniture testing laboratory has the infrastructure and the required competencies to support manufacturers and exporters, and enable them to test and certify their furniture products to reduce developmental cycle and improve speed-to-market," said Mr. Kalyan Varma -- RSC -- IMEA, TUV Rheinland India.

Furniture has evolved in parallel to the needs, comfort, tastes, and status of cultures around the world. Going beyond the basics, it is again a medium to express the sense of style that sustains for a long period of time. The tiny errors made when manufacturing low-quality furniture, or lack of detail, becomes more pronounced with time, therefore, costing more in repairs and replacement. Today's consumers expect quality furnishings to be practical, durable and safe from hazardous substances.

"With the increasing awareness around safety for consumer products in India, the need for reliable safety and certification is gaining attention among manufacturers and retailers. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities in India are dedicated to partnering with the manufacturers and ensuring that consumers get to experience world-class quality products that are high on safety," said Mr. Rajesh Gupta, General Manager, TUV Rheinland India. He added, "Our new testing laboratory has the capabilities ranging from mechanical testing including workmanship, safety, durability, stability, strength, drop impact and locking devices for domestic and international markets."

TUV Rheinland has been operating in India since 1996. Today, its nationwide presence across multiple locations provide testing, training, inspection, and certification services through its Industrial Services, Mobility, Products, Softlines, Academy & Life Care, Systems and Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity business streams. Offering more than 2,500 services, TÜV Rheinland India caters to almost every industry.

About TUV Rheinland India

TUV Rheinland India is a subsidiary of the TUV Rheinland Group, Germany. As part of the India, Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific Group, it caters to the Indian market as well as global markets. With its local headquarters in Bangalore, TUV Rheinland India is active throughout India. As a prominent service provider in the testing, training, inspection, and certification industry (TIC), it has one of the most advanced testing capabilities in India, including electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, IoT/wireless, material testing, reliability, solar photovoltaic, material testing, IT telecom, household/luminaries, medical devices, automotive components, /accessories, toys, textile, leather and product safety laboratories, all of which cover an area of more than 200,000 sq.ft. TUV Rheinland India is able to perform all necessary tests in compliance with REACH, RoHS, and other European regulations. TUV Rheinland is the only Certification Body in India that boasts an accredited welding institute offering welding courses to the industry in order to enhance the technical skills of employees. The company also has ambitious plans to set up laboratories in other parts of India in the near future.