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Two best-selling models win honor for Chery

Two best-selling models win honor for Chery

HANOI, Vietnam, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading Chinese automaker Chery is pleased to announce that two of its models have recently won international awards for their outstanding quality and functionality. 

TIGGO 7 PRO Wins for Chery the Most Popular Chinese Car Brand in Peru

TIGGO 7 PRO has recently won Chery the honor of the "Most Popular Chinese Car Brand" in Peru. The prize was awarded by Nitro, a professional Peruvian media organization, during "The Car of the Year 2021" contest.

The prize awarding ceremony took place in Hotel Swissôtel Lima, and many professional journalists, KOLs and experts participated in the appraisal. Ms. Giovanna Alvarado, winner of the Peruvian Women's World Automobile Prize of the Year (WWCOTY), headed the event, which was attended by various auto brands according to their vote rankings. This professional and authentic prize represents the recognition and approval of Chery cars among local mainstream media.

TIGGO 7 PRO is a key model from Chery's PRO Family series, which boasts superior features over its counterparts of the same class in exterior design, technical configuration, safety and comfort.

TIGGO 8 PRO Wins the Title of "2021 SUV with the Best Advanced Technology" in Saudi Arabia

Recently, in the annual competition held by Saudi Auto and Sport Motor, two well-known local automotive media organizations in Saudi Arabia, Chery TIGGO 8 PRO was awarded the title of "2021 SUV with the Best Advanced Technology". This is the first time Chery has won two media awards in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Auto and Sport Motor have many loyal automobile fans and are highly professional and authoritative. These awards represented the recognition of Chery TIGGO 8 PRO by Saudi mainstream media.

Since its marketing in Saudi Arabia in June 2021, TIGGO 8 PRO has seen a rapid increase in sales, with an increase of 560%, which also shows the recognition and favor of Saudi consumers for Chery and the brand-new PRO series products.

As a new PRO FAMILY series model built by Chery Automobile based on global standards, TIGGO 8 PRO embodies the best of Chery technology, especially 1.6TGDI+7DCT, the top ten power combinations. The whole series comes standard with all-LED luxury lights and exclusive close-fitting luxury leather seats.

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