Ubitus contracted with BITMAIN, teaming up to explore Cloud-AI computing market

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Nov. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today (Nov 12th), Ubitus, the largest cloud gaming platform in East Asia, announced that it will adopt Sophon AI chips and related hardware products developed by BITMAIN, a world-leading IC design company, which are expected to be built at Ubitus's IDC in Japan and Taiwan. With Sophon's high-performance computing and self-developed TPU architecture, enterprises will be able to make use of faster and more cost-effective AI computing service. Both parties will also carry out in-depth cooperation, that BITMAIN provides technical support to assist Ubitus in developing Computer-Vision-related AI functions based on Sophon chips, to meet the needs of AI computing under different scenarios.

As the internet moved into the era of social network, smartphone, wearable technology and multi-screen interaction have become more and more popular. The data capacity processed by enterprises today is not just "massive" but can be described as "astronomical level". Recognition and editing of a large number of videos and images, and demand of natural language processing (NLP) can no longer rely solely on the computing power of terminal device, which has resulted in vigorous development of Cloud-AI computing applications amongst enterprise in recent years.

As a world famous cloud service provider, Ubitus provides cloud gaming service with high-speed streaming and low-latency control to world-class telecom operators such as NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, Yahoo Japan and Korea Telecom. It also makes use of AI technology for image enhancement, enabling end users to enjoy world-class gaming without expensive computer equipment. At the same time, Ubitus also provides Cloud-AI computing service for Cortex, a well-known AI blockchain company, and CGI Lab of "National Chiao Tung University", saving in computing time for AI users with plenty of computing power. Ubitus has become a leader in the field of Cloud-AI computing service.

Through powerful chip engineering, rapid iteration and the capability of system design and manufacturing, BITMAIN provides AI chip and hardware products which are the most cost-effective and with the best performance-to-power ratio, and is also committed to customizing and optimizing hardware and system solutions for the industry, which eliminated the industry barriers of AI development and popularized AI applications.

BITMAIN has all levels of toolchain capabilities, including hardware, drivers, instruction set, linear algebra acceleration core math library, RUNTIME library, Inference deployment tools of BM Deploy, FFT acceleration library, deep learning frameworks (Caffe, Darknet, Tensorflow, MXNet, etc.), which truly realized collaborative design and integration optimization of software and hardware, and realized the best performance optimization of deep learning application on hardware.

Wesley Kuo, Chief Executive Officer of Ubitus said:

"Sophon AI chip BM1682 is especially enhanced for the inference operation of CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), which performs exceptionally well on speed, reaching several times higher of the Ubitus's current GPU, and assists us in serving more online users with better computing power on the applications of Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, like Gaming-AI, autonomous vehicles, and robotic control automation, and building a solid foundation for the game-industry-oriented plan of "Decentralized AI Computing Power Ecosystem" that Ubitus announced recently."

Micree Zhan, Chief Executive Officer of BITMAIN said:

"Ubitus is not only the largest cloud gaming platform in Japan, but its cluster also possesses 40 PFLOP peak AI computing power. Adpoting BITMAIN's Sophon AI chip and hardware brings more low-power-consuming and high-performance computing power to Ubitus, and supports BITMAIN AI products to be available in more industries and to expand to overseas market."


BITMAIN is committed to providing high-performance computing chips, which is mainly applied to blockchain and artificial intelligence. The global market share in blockchain field reached 74.5%, holding an absolute leading position. High-performance chip design is the core competitiveness of BITMAIN, which has rich experience in the design of the most advanced process 7nm.

BITMAIN started up the development of AI chips from the end of 2015, and launched AI chip BM1680 in the first half of 2017, which is deep-learning-dedicated accelerated-computing chip for cloud application, and is the world-first publicly available dedicated chip for this application. The second AI chip BM1682 was launched in March 2018, which is about 5 times better performance than the first one. And in July 2018, the first terminal chip BM1880 was successfully launched. The AI products of BITMAIN can be applied to various fields like security monitoring, data center, supercomputing, and robot.

About Ubitus

A world-leading GPU virtualization and cloud streaming platform, Ubitus is committed to providing high-quality user experience with advanced technologies. Users can enjoy top-class gaming across devices as long as they connect to broadband. It is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with offices in Tokyo and Guangzhou.

Ubitus develops and provides specialized technologies and services, and has released applications across various devices, networks, and platforms such as smart phone, tablet computer, game console, smart television, and computers, achieving a high-quality user experience that can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime. Ubitus has long supported the international development of domestic and foreign gaming companies and software companies, and made joined efforts with telecom operators, network service operators, and game operators around the world to develop cloud gaming.

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