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Ucommune Launches Blockchain White Paper To Set Benchmark for the Co-Working Industry

Ucommune Launches Blockchain White Paper To Set Benchmark for the Co-Working Industry

BEIJING, July 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- China's leading co-working space disruptor Ucommune collaborates with ASTAR Blockchain Lab to release their first white paper this week (09 July 2018). The white paper discusses the application of blockchain to scale the effectiveness of co-working spaces to higher levels.

This white paper is a significant milestone for the co-working industry as it has the potential to pivot the service benchmark of the industry. Ucommune demonstrated its commitment to the latest blockchain technology by setting up its internal research and development laboratory known as Ucommune Blockchain Lab.

Ucommune Blockchain Lab works in close collaboration with ASTAR Blockchain Lab which was founded by Mr. Ma Zhiyu. Mr. Ma concurrently holds the position of Director of Blockchain Lab. "Blockchain is a dynamic technology that had seen accelerating growth in the past 3 years. We are committed to unearth the most relevant blockchain application to serve our clients," Said Mr. Ma.

Blockchain Is The Key Enabler For Future Co-Working Space

Since its establishment in 2015, Ucommune has made its mark in the co-working industry with several strategic acquisitions of rivals such as Wedo Space and Woo Space. Today, Ucommune owns over 160 shared office spaces in 35 cities globally. Ucommune displays no signs of slowing down or losing momentum. Its blockchain development efforts serves to cement its brand at the pinnacle of the coworking industry.

Beyond market expansion strategies, Ucommune invests heavily in its R&D arm to provide decentralised and trusted services to its community member base. Ucommune's foray into blockchain facilitates elite in-depth research on blockchain solutions. They accelerate the maturation of concepts and develop feasible blockchain applications which are vital to maximize the efficiency and security of a workspace.

"An ideal co-working space should mirror the advanced innovation displayed in other industries such as education and healthcare. The white paper aims to inspire new forms of entrepreneurial innovation and enable sophisticated collaboration system. We aim to accelerate the expansion of a wider base of collaboration with blockchain startups. The characteristics of co-working spaces made it ideal for blockchain applications," said Mr. Ma.

Ucommune's Certified Blockchain Applications

Blockchain applications will be deeply embedded in dynamic co-working ecosystems such as Ucommune. They have an advantageous role of being the first co-working space provider to receive issuance of certificate as a certified industry entity to provide blockchain services. They serve start-up and multinational enterprises and would continue to broaden the growth of its in-house blockchain applications.

"As Ucommune has expanded into global markets across 35 cities, it is crucial to employ blockchain technology to build a trust-based virtual network. We assist enterprises stretched across the value chain to form a smart contract platform to connect 120,000 Ucommune members. They would be able to benefit from the network and efficiency of our blockchain services," said Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mr. Xu Binchao.

The white paper projects the ideal state of the future blockchain-enabled co-working ecosystem and it should serve as a model for other profitable industries. Other industries that would be disrupted by blockchain applications include legal consultations, human resourcing and big data analytics. These industries should take advantage of the blockchain adoption to form a digital-oriented system.

The white paper is available for review now. They can be downloaded on the main websites of Ucommune and ASTAR Blockchain Lab.

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