Ucommune Unveils U Bespoke, Taking a Personalised Approach with Coworking

BEIJING, April 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- UrWork Beijing Venture Investment Co., Ltd (known as Ucommune) announced recently to launch U Bespoke, a made-to-order consultancy service integrating interior and IT system design for landlords and corporate members, as part of its effort to evolve into a total solution provider.

Following the momentum of a string of strategic acquisitions earlier this year, Ucommune is following up on its commitment to be the leading one-stop market place for office space solution.  Honouring its ethos of maximising community engagement, U Bespoke essentially enables corporate members and landlords alike to contract their space interior and IT system design services to achieve higher employee engagement and higher yields.

"Through progressive conversations with clients, we have observed a lack of custom-made design service. U Bespoke is answer to the operating flexibility that is much missed in a fragmented market. By taking on an experience-oriented mindset, we provide a value-adding solution that enables SMEs to focus on their core business, to better attract and engage with talents and to gain the competitive edge in today's ever-evolving business landscape," said Mr. Mao Daqing, founder and Chairman of Ucommune, a US$1.7 billion coworking company that has merged China's Wedo Space and Woo Space earlier this year.

Staffed by acclaimed design professionals in interior and IT industries, including former apprentice of Zaha Hadid, U Bespoke has accomplished 50 projects so far, ranging from factories, shopping malls to sports halls, Beijing courtyards and art zones.

"U Bespoke is an offshoot of the internal design capabilities of Ucommune, and has been well received nationwide as part of the total Ucommune experience. Our cluster of interior and IT designers are actively engaging with corporate members to cater to unique requests such as Fengshui, automated operation and integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices," said Dr. Mao.

Leveraging its proprietary IT system, U Bespoke has been able to reduce the planning and execution time of facility-conversion by over 60%. The stunning line-up of portfolio has received a chorus of praise on China's dominant social media Wechat from our existing office clients which pulled in new tenants. "We reached 90% occupancy within one month and managed to increase our rental yield by 50%," said Dr. Mao.

Crafting a dynamic community with an experience- oriented approach

The design discipline of U Bespoke has been actively engaging with clients to pivot customisation needs and has partnered with fast-growing companies such as KuaiShou, a user-generated-content (UGC) based video editing and publishing platform with over 400 million users and 60 million daily active users, and Horizon Robots that bagged multi-milliondollar investment from software giant Intel in January.

Apart from SMEs, Ucommune also works actively with landlords on space activation. "We understand that some landlords might not be willing to accept the large capital outlay needed to refurbish their space. Therefore, we have launched an attractive financing and profit sharing scheme to align our interest for specially selected properties. Such way we can export our brand without having to source new spaces ourselves," said Mr. Mao.

Maximizing operation efficiency with smart office solution

Co-working is a smart office solution that reduces the rental cost that forms the second largest overhead cost for any business operation. Through providing SMEs and MNCs with custom-made solutions without committing them to long-term contracts, total rental cost is lowered and operating efficiency is maximised. The appeal of co-working has extended to an emerging group of digital-savvy and work-on-the-go millennials and white-collar workers who used to opt for traditional shared offices.

Ucommune has recently merged Woo Space and Wedo Space to reach a US$1.7 billion valuation and has set up locations in 160 places across 35 cities, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shenzhen, with over 100,000 registered members and 800 accredited service suppliers on its proprietary IT system. The debut of the U Bespoke service spells new opportunity for growth in strategic markets such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as part of Ucommune's push for globalisation.

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Visit http://www.urwork.cn to access more information about the facility, marketing programs, funding and mentor programs from the company. 

About UrWork (Beijing) Venture Investment Co., Ltd:

Founded in 2015 by real-estate veteran Dr. Mao Daqing, Ucommune (formerly known as UrWork) is a leading co-working space provider in China offering long-term leasing, hot desk, corporate-customization solutions and professional services across a broad spectrum for small-to-medium enterprises. Backed by renowned investors such as Sequoia Capital, Zhen Fund, Noah Wealth Management, Sinovation Ventures, Ucommune posts a valuation of US$1.7 billion after C round and acquisition of Woo Space, as of March 2017 and has grown to cover over 160 locations in over 35 cities globally, including but limited to Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, servicing over 6,000 enterprises, 100,000 individual members in total. Ucommune is the largest and most recognised co-working space brand in China.