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“The Underdog Founder” by Edrizio De La Cruz Becomes The #1 International Best-Selling Book In Its First Week

“The Underdog Founder” surpassed Zero to One as the #1 best-selling book about startups in the world.

Ex-Y Combinator Visiting Partner, Edrizio De La Cruz, shares his odyssey from selling guavas in a Dominican barrio to selling his startup to Mastercard. The book aims to be the startup playbook for the underrepresented founders who feel unseen in Silicon Valley.

“Brutally candid…the most powerful book I’ve read on how to succeed as an underrepresented founder” – Michael Seibel, Y – Combinator.

The entrepreneurship memoir has become one of the best online business startup books, surpassing iconic startup books such as Zero to One and The Lean Startup to become the #1 book about starting a business, along with six other related top business categories, on Amazon. It reached #1 bestseller in the U.S., Mexico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. 

In the book, De La Cruz highlights seven key principles to give any underdog founder a disproportionate advantage over others in how to win big in Silicon Valley. It has quickly become one of the best startup books, and it includes unwritten rules of entrepreneurship for people of color, best practices on starting a business, how to manage entrepreneur psychology, how to build a startup roadmap, and how to and how not to raise venture capital. 

“I read a lot of books about entrepreneurship, but I never read one written for and by an underrepresented founder. We walk a unique path, riddled with landmines and special challenges, but if you don’t know how to navigate that journey, then you've lost the race even before starting it. I spent 10 years as a founder and experienced all of this myself. The book aims to be that definitive guide to help you navigate that journey and win big in the startup game.”

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