Unify Platform AG Officially Launches World's First (*) Open Platform for Entrepreneurial Researchers Promoting SDGs ((*) Based on Google search results)

- UNIPLAT Gives Researchers Across World Same Opportunity -

KANAGAWA, Japan, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Unify Platform AG of Switzerland, with its Japan Hub in Shin-yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, announced on September 28 the start of the official service of UNIPLAT, an open platform specifically designed to help entrepreneurial researchers who promote all academic fields and projects related to the SDGs advocated by the United Nations around the world to obtain more exposure and connect with supporters who want to contribute to the improvement of global research. UNIPLAT offers a novel way for entrepreneurial researchers to publish their research and get support and funding from all over the world (companies, institutes, foundations, etc.) in an equal-opportunity environment.

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The three major features of UNIPLAT are:

- One-stop database for researchers and entrepreneurs
publishing a database of various contents like live-streaming archives (*), videos, texts and so on about own research or technology to supporters in a one-stop solution, entrepreneurial researchers can improve trust and build their reputation as researchers and entrepreneurs.
(*) Live-streamed videos can be archived.

- World's first (*): Live streaming with speedy simultaneous multi-language translations
UNIPLAT offers a live-streaming function via which entrepreneurial researchers can deliver their own research, technology, ideas, etc. in various languages (initially 8 languages) concurrently in real time. Through this, it is very easy for them to showcase their contents to many supporters across different language spheres.
(*) Based on Google search results

- World's first (*): Donation to research contents
Regardless of the economic situation in the region where researchers and entrepreneurs are located, entrepreneurial researchers can get incentives from donors all over the world with money gifted to them when they publish and promote their contents. This is the world's first such platform and will allow researchers and entrepreneurs to exchange their incentives for other assets at their discretion.
(*) Based on Google search results

Additionally, new features will be added as follows in 2021:

 - World's first (*): Credit rating of entrepreneurial researchers
By automatic evaluation from various perspectives using AI, a function will be in place to display each person's rating as a credit score based on activities of entrepreneurial researchers in UNIPLAT. If the score is high, the relevant researcher's capability and credibility are also considered high. This function could open the door to many benefits such as offers and grants from companies and universities.
(*) Based on Google search results

 - World's first (*): Pre-IP (TM) certification
Pre-IP (TM) is an abbreviation for "Pre (applied) Intelligent Property" and a unique UNIPLAT term. When researchers and entrepreneurs register their contents (images, videos, text, etc.) published on the platform as Pre-IP (TM), UNIPLAT will issue a third-party certificate stating that the content is authentically registered under the name of the researchers or entrepreneurs by using Unify Platform's own block chain technology. This arrangement is introduced as an alternative to assure the authentication of research content even before a legal patent or any other legal registration is issued. This allows researchers and entrepreneurs to prevent imitation of ideas and unauthorized secondary use of content through post disclosure.
(*) Based on Google search results

About Unify Platform AG
Unify Platform AG was established in Zug, Switzerland, in December 2019 with the support of the Zug government in Switzerland. The firm is the R&D and management company for UNIPLAT, whose goal is to ensure that entrepreneurial researchers worldwide are evaluated and rewarded fairly, regardless of their economic situation, geography, or affiliation, through incentives based on their innovative research, results, and excellence.

Company homepage: https://unify21.com

UNIPLAT Top Page: https://uniplat.social/

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are International goals for a sustainable and better world written in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. The SDGs, consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets, are based on the philosophy of "Leave no one behind" on earth.

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