Uni-Orange attends CIIF 2017, leading the trend of sharing industrial design

SHANGHAI, Nov. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 19th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) has just finished in Shanghai with a mounting number of newcomers in Intelligent Manufacturing. Uni-Orange, one of the best performers, presented a series of projects based on its unique collaborative innovation model.

Visitors are visiting and interacting with staff at the exhibition booth of Uni-Orange on CIIF.
Visitors are visiting and interacting with staff at the exhibition booth of Uni-Orange on CIIF.

An eye-catching instance at the exhibition was a micro digital factory system, which rolled assembling, logistics, and storage into one. The system is especially applicable in assembly lines with a high labor density such as the 3C industry. With this project, Uni-Orange is expanding the boundaries of intelligent manufacturing, as well as its services.

To attract more talented designers and professional technical personnel worldwide, Uni-Orange launched its Collaborative Design System (CDS), established a high-end talents pool named "Uin-Win", and set up the Future Institute of Technology. With the internet platform, Uni-Orange is gathering the most advanced designers, engineers, and technicians to develop holistic high quality and innovative R&D and design solutions through labor specialisation and cooperation to meet the needs of industrial companies and bring innovation to the industry.

In two years, Uni-Orange has set up branches in Huston, Tokyo, and Hague and revolutionized the industry with CDS. Uni-Orange provides companies who lack industrial design abilities with advanced designers to meet their product innovation needs. Also, its solutions increase efficiency in R&D and design.

Uni-Orange focuses on technology upgrading and product design in the manufacturing sector. It had achieved a series of innovative outputs in core fields like the Industrial Internet, Intelligent Factory, Intelligent Equipment, Intelligent Agriculture, and Industrial Product Design. It successfully developed the first Intelligent Photovoltaic Diagnostic System in China, which can locate and predict bugs of every faulty photovoltaic component.

Cooperation and collaboration is the mainstream in the industry - keeping up with this trend, Uni-Orange's CDS 2.0 is about to go online at the end of 2017.

With CDS 2.0, customers worldwide will be able to publish urgent project demands 24/7 on the platform, and CDS 2.0 supports instant responses to an incoming message. Based on big data analysis, Uni-Orange will push demand information to about 230000 teams in the Uni-Win talents pool automatically and precisely, match the most suitable team, and launch massive collaborative R&D and design projects efficiently,to the point, and at a low cost.

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