Uni-Orange's CDS Extends Boundary of Industrial Design R&D

When manufacturing is connected with Internet, demands for talents, projects, and companies are docking with each other more efficiently, thus extending the boundary of R&D

BEIJING, Aug. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A Chinese industrial design company, Uni-Orange, has committed itself to this course through a self-invented and built Collaborative Design System (CDS).

Collaborative Design System (CDS)
Collaborative Design System (CDS)

Uni-Orange's CDS is the first coordinated R&D cloud platform in manufacturing industry in the world. Meanwhile, through CDS, Uni-Orange constructed its talents pool made up of nearly 230 thousand R&D teams and 10 thousand top talents worldwide in less than two years. With Uni-Win talents pool, Uni-Orange is now able to quickly assemble top experts, produces high-quality inventive solutions that exceed normal standards, and provides customers with designs and technology services.

Based on customers' demands, Uni-Orange released six "Reward Projects" and "Uni-Win Global Recruitment". According to Pan Jiadong, the project leader, the "Reward Projects" program are made up of challenging projects proposed by Uni-Orange in accordance with customers' needs and market research. It includes solutions of chemical washing of contaminated soils by heavy metals, energy storage technology in wind power plant, automobile lamp-house of defect detecting, textile equipment production lines, underwater robots, automatic welding equipment. Rewards range from hundreds of thousands to millions yuan. Engineers in related fields can log in the official website of Uni-Orange (http://www.uni-orange.com/en/) to register and apply.

Pan also noted that "Uni-Win Global Recruitment" program aims at inviting specializers, institutions, and startup teams in areas of industry software, unattended equipment, intelligent production, advanced agricultural equipment manufacturing, sensors & chips of IoT, and automatic assembly line to register and apply in Uni-Orange's official website. Hatch fund, project opportunities, cash reward, and media communication are provided within the platform.

Coordinated R&D in industrial design has become an inexorable trend and Uni-Orange is now trying its best to maintain a leading standard in R&D and design and management. It is offering a 24/7 service of projects releasing, a real-time push service for designers, engineers and experts of compatible projects, and a matching service for the fittest chief engineer and project manager.

Existing achievements and on-going activities are effective measures to improve Uni-Orange's platform integrity and competence. It is without any doubt that in the near future, Uni-Orange and its CDS platform will become a leading force in the industrial design R&D area.

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