UNISOC Series 6 Chips Applied to New Phones with Enhanced Image and Performance

UNISOC Series 6 Chips Applied to New Phones with Enhanced Image and Performance

SHANGHAI, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, there are a number of mobile phones equipped with UNISOC 6 series processor on the market, it is understood that to meet the market demand of different application scenarios UNISOC has launched five chipsets T618, T616, T612, T610 and T606, to bring consumers a better user experience.

A popularizer of flagship features

Empowered by several advanced technologies which were only applied to medium and high-end chips, UNISOC series 6 chips provide the consumers with superb performance experience. On the basis of upgraded performance, the chips have their own advantages for different application scenarios.

Powerful "chips" for image: T610, T618

T610 carries Vivimagic5.0 image engine and high-definition display processing technique, bringing the users exquisite visual experience. With tri-core ISP and support of 32MP px, the powerful image capacity can realize no-delay switching and accurate image restoration, etc.

T618 is upgraded on the basis of T610 with VDSP added to substantially enhance the image performance. Via AI enhancement, VDSP supports a number of functions such as smart classification of galleries and photos and scene recognition. Tri-core ISP supports 64MP high order four cameras and provides the users with excellent visual experience. The above two kinds of chips support 2k video decoding and 90Hz high refresh rate to ensure smooth frames for binge-watching and games with no pressure. They can be called flagship standard configuration.

Powerful "chips" for performance: T616, T606

As the backbone force of series 6 chips, T616 and T606 have powerful performance and image capacity and support UFS2.1 flash memory standard, making data transmission fast and efficient, popularizing high speed flash memory standard and bringing smooth experience just like high-end models.

T616 features better imaging while T606 focuses on balance between performance and energy consumption. T616 platform also supports high order four cameras and carries Vivimagic5.0 image engine so that it can automatically correct images to provide more real images, better restoration and richer gradation.

Apart from enhanced performance, T606 realizes the balance between power consumption and performance, rendering terminals better endurance.

The performance of UNISOC series 6 chips is greatly enhanced. At present, the chips have been widely applied to brands such as Samsung, realme and Tecno.

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