UNISUN chairwoman Yisha He attends WiRA "Women of The Year" Awards Ceremony to promote gender diversification in the renewable energy industry

SHANGHAI, June 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Unisun Energy Group(UNISUN) chairwoman and WiRA Chairman He Yisha was invited to attend and present the "Women in Renewables of The Year" award at the 5th Annual Global Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2019 and Women in Renewables Asia (WiRA) "Women of The Year" Award Ceremony hosted by Leader Associates in Seoul, South Korea on June 24. Chen Yuying, vice president of UNISUN in Japan, attended the women's round table discussion and expressed her views and expectations on why we should and how to enhance women's leadership in the renewable sector.

Women account for only 35 per cent of employment in the renewable industry, remaining one of the industries with prominent gender imbalance. Furthermore, women also face gender discrimination in the workplace, the key issues including unequal pay and a low proportion of women in management, making it difficult for renewable companies to recruit or retain women.

Ms. Chen noted: "In fact, women can bring vitality and creativity to companies, and help companies identify and take advantage of new business opportunities. Women managers tend to be more cautious while, at the same time, more understanding. In a survey of 1000 companies across the Asia-Pacific region, companies with less than 10 per cent female representation on the board of directors have an average return on net assets of 14 per cent, while those with at least 10 per cent female representation have an average return on net assets of 18.6 per cent. It stands to reason that if we increase the proportion of women in management, the company can expected to see improved performance."

To eliminate the gender discrimination faced by women in the workplace, UNISUN signed the Equal by 30 Campaign, an initiative led by the United Nations, to achieve equal pay, equal opportunities for leadership roles as well as equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector. At the same time, women at UNISUN are also encouraged to engage in the research and development side of things and assume management roles. Besides technical training, UNISUN also provides wellness courses for women to help them deal with stress and further realize their potential.

UNISUN has also launched a female leadership program to help women explore their potential related to management and decision-making, with a view to promoting communication and cooperation among female managers and improve their management and decision-making capabilities.

At the awards ceremony that night, she said: "In recent years, with the efforts of everyone concerned, the involvement of women in clean energy sector has gradually deepened, and a large number of outstanding women in executive and managerial positions have emerged. Gender-generated thinking patterns and differences in thinking can promote innovation across the industry, with more women taking a technical leadership role which, in turn, will also help create a fair competitive environment. Diversification and inclusiveness are not only the key to the growth of our company, but also the key to the overall development of the entire renewable sector. I sincerely hope that more women will join the renewable industry as we strive to achieve gender diversification and create greater value for the industry and for social innovation."

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