Universal Medical and Stroke Committee Come Together - 2017 Smile Stroke Conference and the 10th Sino-U.S. Cerebrovascular Disease Forum Held in Tianjin

Universal Medical and Stroke Committee Come Together - 2017 Smile Stroke Conference and the 10th Sino-U.S. Cerebrovascular Disease Forum Held in Tianjin
Universal Medical 2017 Smile Stroke Conference and the 10th Sino-U.S. Cerebrovascular Disease Forum
HONG KONG, Oct 19, 2017 - (ACN Newswire) - Universal Medical Financial & Technical Advisory Services Company Limited ("Universal Medical", Stock Code: 2666.HK) held 2017 Smile Stroke Conference and the 10th Sino-U.S. Cerebrovascular Disease Forum in Tianjin during Oct 18-20, 2017. Supported by Stroke Management and Guidance Committee under NHFPC, the conference is also co-sponsored by Tianjin Huanhu Hospital and Neurosurgery Committee under Tianjin Association of Physicians.

Numbers of reputed experts were invited to the conference, i.e., Mr. Wang Longde, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, deputy director of Stroke Committee under NHFPC and director of Stroke Management and Guidance Committee, Mr. Wang Jinhuan, deputy-director of Stroke Management and Guidance Committee, Mr. Liu Yuanli, director of Public Health School, Union Medical University, and other academic leaders from domestic and overseas institutions like Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital, PKU People's Hospital, Fuwai Hospital, Tianjin Huanhu Hospital, NY Northwell Group as well as Houston Methodist Hospital in the U.S.. Over 500 experts from domestic hospitals had in-depth discussions on the latest research results of stroke prevention and treatment.

Promote Stroke Projects with Key SOE

Cerebral vascular accident, also known as stroke, ranks top in the death causes and adult disability in China. Stroke prevention and treatment has already been a major national health project which draws a lot of concern. The 2017 Smile Stroke Conference combines government and key state-owned enterprise to jointly promote smile projects all over the country.

Mr. Wang Longde addressed the conference. He said, Stroke Committee had started stroke center establishment projects ever since 2013 and up to now, 122 Class III hospitals from over 20 provinces have been selected to be advanced stroke centers (including establishment units), which laid a solid foundation for regional stroke center network establishment. Stroke prevention and treatment, he also stated, as a long-term systemized livelihood project, has received attention and support from all walks of life. Universal Medical, as a key SOE, has taken the lead and worked hard in stroke projects for years and cooperated with Sino-U.S. Stroke Group to initiate Smile Project in 2011 to promote stroke prevention and treatment in primary hospitals. Since 2016, Universal Medical has also established China Stroke Prevention and Treatment Training Platform to introduce stroke clinical diagnosis and treatment technology, especially brought in multi-disciplinary coordination models for hospital clinical department upgrade, which indeed played a significant role in China stroke prevention and treatment development.

Universal Medical: Ten Years of Efforts for Stroke Project

Chronic non-infectious disease (NCD) has resulted in 85% death toll and 70% disease burden in heavily-populated China. Universal medical has been proactive in implementing national policies and stuck to its social responsibility and promise as a key SOE to make more contributions to national healthcare development.

Along with the progress of national healthcare reform, Universal Medical has integrated national healthcare concept into corporate strategy as early as 2008. Stroke project became the most important service item of the company for its severity in morbidity, disability rate, death rate, recurrence rate as well as economic burden. Universal Medical provides integrated services to partnered hospitals including support in technology, management, training, equipment and financing for better clinical department management and multi-discipline coordination models.

Up to now, Universal Medical has established cooperative relationship with hundreds of hospitals from over 20 provinces and finished 5 modeling centers in Qiqihar Jianhua Hospital, Maoming People's Hospital, Wuzhong People's Hospital, Rizhao Hospital of TCM and Ankang Central Hospital. Maoming People's Hospital, as an advanced stroke center, has been on the top 100 list of national advanced stroke centers for months during 2017.

Mr. Guo Weiping, CEO of Universal Medical, said that in future the company would accelerate the establishment of stroke project network and medical alliance according to the long-term plan of the State Council and help achieve the goal to make stroke centers cover over 60% counties, 80% cities and 100% provinces by 2020 for better stroke prevention and treatment for Chinese.

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