UnPAY Founder Named as 2018 Golden Shell’s Inaugural “Payment Industry Pioneer”

UnPAY Founder Named as 2018 Golden Shell’s Inaugural  “Payment Industry Pioneer”

BEIJING, CHINA / SINGAPORE -  Media OutReach  - 24 January 2019 -  UnPAY founder and CEO, Zhang Zhenghua, has received another feather in his cap with the latest win at the 2018 Golden Shell Award. Zhenghua was named as the Payment Industry Pioneer, for his innovative creation of a global one-stop payment technology service model.

The Payment Industry Pioneer award is a new category created by the Golden Shell Award. It was established to recognise corporate leaders who have made great strides and innovations in the year, contributing to improvements in the payment industry.

In its seventh year running, the Golden Shell is a reputable award that is organised by China Payment Network. China Payment Network is the first web portal in China dedicated to following developments in the payment industry. The theme for this year's Golden Shell Award is payment for sustainable development, aimed at honouring companies that have created sustainable solutions and services within the payment industry.

After a stringent selection process, the panel of judges unveiled a total of 12 companies for the Golden Shell Award and six were named as the Payment Industry Pioneers. Commenting on Zhenghua's win, the jury expressed, "Zhenghua was only 30 when he managed a team of nearly 1000 staff as the founder and CEO of Baidu Wallet and Baidu Finance. From here, we can see that not only does he have the drive and talent, he also has exceptional leadership skills."

"Today, as the founder and CEO of UnPAY, he aims to put UnPAY on the world map as a one-stop payment service provider, and is committed to building a borderless payment ecosystem," the jury added.

Under Zhenghua's leadership, UnPAY has realised global collection and exchange transfer of merchant channels via its self-developed "Ark" core payment system. Zhenghua has lofty ambitions to turn UnPAY into a global hub that integrates capital and information exchanges for merchants around the world. Currently, UNPay is already connected to over 500 mainstream payment methods in more than 200 countries and regions.

In addition to its regional headquarters in Singapore, UNPay has since expanded to various parts of the world including Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Thailand, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

"We are motivated by our win in the Golden Shell Awards and are heartened by the support from the jury. In the coming year, UnPAY will expand its presence in the number of countries to 10, and strengthen cooperation with key partners in the region to foster better cross-border payment experience. We will continue to work hard in developing innovative solutions to enliven the payment industry and to build a sustainable ecosystem." Zhenghua enthused.

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