USI Launches the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Display Products for IoV Applications

SHANGHAI, April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Leveraging 40 years of experience in automotive electronics technologies and 3C products, and integrating industrial applications, the R&D team of Universal Scientific Industrial(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (USI), a global electronics design and manufacturering company, has developed a variety of IoV display products such as 10.25" and 12.3" capacitive touch Central Integrated Display (CID), high definition digital instrument clusters, 2" display key, etc., to support the wide variety of applications brought by IoV.

USI’s IoV Display Products
USI’s IoV Display Products

As autonomous vehicles continue to emerge, the act of driving a vehicle no longer just means the manipulation of the vehicle but also communication with the outside world through IoV-related technologies to receive or provide information. In response to the keen demand for the seamless display of a large amount of information, the demand for on-board display continues to increase. Besides the multiple small-sized displays, such as the heads-up display, rearview mirror, etc., more and more OEMs are adopting large-sized displays to digital instrument clusters and CIDs. With the popularization of large-sized displays, the requirements for the function, resolution and security level of the display also increase in turn.

According to IHS's forecast for automotive display systems in 2017, the market will see significant growth in the next few years and the market shipment of vehicle displays is expected to increase from 135 million units in 2016 to 200 million in 2022. Among them, CID and high definition digital instrument clusters are the main applications, with a total market value estimated to exceed $20.8 billion.

With 10.25" and 12.3" automotive-grade displays, 1920x720 resolutions and view angle greater than 160 degrees, USI CID adopts capacitive touch screen, supports multi-touch, and features an integrated structure and styling design. It is available with embedded, floating and folding designs to match different vehicle interior design. Meanwhile, it is equipped with the FPD-LINK III technology which allows the CID to be connected to various IVI head units, giving OEMs the maximum flexibility to meet various domestic requirements. USI CID has already been introduced into some OEMs and mass production is expected in the first half of this year.

According to the different demands of vehicle models, USI's high definition digital instrument cluster is available with 10.25" and 12.3" automotive-grade displays, with a resolution of 1920x720 and view angle greater than 160 degrees. Featuring integrated structure and styling design, the high definition digital instrument cluster can be equipped with QNX or automotive-grade Linux operating system, and graphic engine to provide rich 3D graphics and animation design. Additionally, it reserves the output port to export the images to head-up display (HUD).

USI's 2" capacitive display key features BLE 4.0 transmission and wireless charging function, with optional LoRa function to achieve long range point-to-point and two-way transmission, which makes it possible to control the vehicle remotely and receive vehicle information simultaneously when you are far from the vehicle, or perform vehicle preheating or anti-theft alarm function.

USI has years of experience in the field of automotive electronics manufacturing and has long been engaged in the provision of OE components for large European, American and Japanese Tier 1. In addition to the IATF16949, it also obtained the ISO26262 certificate in 2017 to ensure that product quality meets the strict automotive-grade safety requirements.

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