Using Fog to Suppress Dust: An Effective but Affordable Approach to Dust Control

OSAKA, Japan, Sept. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fog systems to improve the work environment and control air pollution in coal storage yards and steel mills

H. IKEUCHI & CO., LTD., a leading manufacturer of industrial spray nozzles, headquartered in Japan, has begun full-scale sales of effective but affordable dust suppression systems that capture airborne dust particles and suppress dust from becoming airborne. This is achieved by spraying a very fine fog into coal storage yards in power plants and workplaces in steel mills.

IKEUCHI | Soft Fog System (Left) | High Velocity Fog System (Right)
IKEUCHI | Soft Fog System (Left) | High Velocity Fog System (Right)

Dust Suppression Fog System:

These nozzles were developed solely for the purpose of dust suppression. The fine fog can be sprayed into large areas or specifically directed at locations where dust occurs, thus helping improve the workplace environment by purifying the air and preventing dust from affecting other areas, indoors or outdoors.

In recent years, major efforts to improve workplace environments for employees and to address environmental problems such as air pollution have been ongoing in Asian countries like China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Special emphasis has been put on solving the dust problems in coal storage yards and workplaces in steel plants. The initial idea was to install electrostatic precipitators, but this is usually a large investment due to the size of the target area. Then sprinkling water may contaminate a workplace or its surrounding environment with the wastewater. In a steel mill, there is the risk of steam explosions due to the water reaching high-temperature areas.

Using a different approach, IKEUCHI has developed two types of dust suppression systems to provide a more effective and less costly solution. One is a "soft-fog-system" that sprays fine and soft fog able to capture airborne dust particles and weigh them down. The second one is a "high velocity fog system" that sprays a large volume of fine fog at high velocity to suppress dust from becoming airborne and dispersing. Both systems are relatively easy to install, and the customer will only need to supply compressed air and water. Prior to proposing a system, our sales representative will conduct an on-site evaluation and talk with the customer before suggesting the dust suppression system best suited for a particular site.

Through our global network and with our well proven record in many countries, IKEUCHI is committed to help solve the environmental problems in each country with these systems.

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IKEUCHI was founded in Japan as the manufacturer of the world's first "precision-guaranteed" ceramic spray nozzles. Ever since its founding, IKEUCHI has been contributing to the formation of a prosperous and enriched society by developing spray nozzles producing fog and related applications and providing them to the world.

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