Vacplus Eco-responsible Cleaning Supplies Has Been Proven by Over 560K Customers

Vacplus Eco-responsible Cleaning Supplies Has Been Proven by Over 560K Customers

FUZHOU, China, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Vacplus started with the highly concentrated, cost-effective, and energy-efficient toilet bowl cleaner in 2018, on a mission to produce products that align every aspect from reusable packaging to sustainable ingredients with environmental standards. Following the success of the toilet bowl cleaner series, which has sold 555,964 units worldwide since its launch, Vacplus has added a new product line of daily household cleaning supplies, including laundry detergent sheets and bottle cleaner, to make it easier for more people to embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle. The Vacplus team is committed to developing effective and affordable cleaning products while seeking to optimize every Vacplus product for quality and environmental impact.

Keep your home clean and comfortable with Vacplus
Keep your home clean and comfortable with Vacplus

Household cleaning supplies could be part of the solution to protect the environment. Vacplus has held a firm belief since the first generation of toilet bowl cleaner to create products in a more sustainable way by reducing plastic waste to minimize the amount of disposable plastic poisoning food and water supply. The toilet bowl cleaner comes in 100% recyclable packaging, including a recycled paper box and individual aluminum packs for each tablet, which completely replaces single-use plastics. The bottle cleaner tablets are then packaged in no-frills recyclable paper pouches, which are considered more environmentally friendly. Up to 95% of Vacplus products adhere to the principle of zero plastic packaging in an effort toward reducing plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills and oceans, with the goal of eventually eliminating the use of plastic. 

The latest Vacplus release - bottle cleaner which has been certified as Climate Pledge Friendly - features a highly concentrated formula, which not only makes it effective in performance but also lighter to lessen carbon emissions during product distribution. The idea of highly concentrated formula has helped Vacplus to make concerted efforts to reduce carbon emissions since the introduction of Vacplus toilet cleaner to the market. Furthermore, Vacplus strikes a balance between efficiency and sustainability when developing products by diligently searching for new, effective, and sustainable alternative ingredients. The bottle cleaner, as a result, is made with plant-based and planet-friendly ingredients, that are free from fluorine, bleacher, and other harsh chemicals, making it a qualified eco-responsible cleaning choice. The Vacplus ingredient standards apply to laundry detergent sheets, not only the bottle cleaner. Each sheet contains naturally derived ingredients that have been MSDS-certified as safe. The formula is free of phosphates, optical brighteners, and bleachers, which makes it gentle and safe for use in baby laundries. When compared to traditional liquid laundry detergent, Vacplus laundry detergent sheets contain less water, which helps to preserve water resources and lower the carbon footprint during the manufacturing and shipping processes. 

At the same time, the performance of Vacplus products has been proven by over 560K customers worldwide. Vacplus strives to work with the environment without compromising quality. As a brand that emphasizes customer satisfaction, Vacplus fully understands that customer feedback is a valuable source of information at all stages of product development. Vacplus has invited over 600 loyal customers to join the brand community, which serves as a customer connection hub. Before releasing any product, Vacplus assembles all loyal community members for product beta testing. Customer feedback is applied to validate product concepts, features, and real-world demands during the early stages of product development, and feedback is incorporated into the whole development process until the product is released.

Vacplus prioritizes human and environmental health, from zero plastic packaging to sustainable ingredients, while navigating product development with customer feedback. Vacplus provides an earth-friendly and effective alternative for those concerned about their environmental impact. Everyone has the ability to make a difference to the environment at home. Change begins with environmentally responsible products.

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Since its inception in 2018, Vacplus has worked to provide customers with eco-responsible and affordable home cleaning supplies as a movement to protect the environment. To improve product efficiency, Vacplus has been developing highly concentrated cleaning supplies for long-lasting use. When compared to products that use disposable plastic packaging, Vacplus has saved 90% on energy consumption, 70% on shipping, and 93% on plastic usage.  

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