VENUS MARBLE's Cat-Themed Collection to launch in Japan with its foray into this market

SHANGHAI, Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, China's beauty brand VENUS MARBLE officially started its business in Japan by selling its makeup products in Japanese largest cosmetics website Cosme and its offline stores and a makeup retail brand Rosemary. Meanwhile, this brand's cat-themed collection will be launched in Japan.

VENUS MARBLE, founded in 2017, went viral in China with its core product, an eye-shadow palette designed with marble texture, which even triggered a boom in the makeup market. The two collections launched after, which were themed Romanticism and Mammonism, also earned high popularity.

All of these star items, together with other products will go on sale in 20 Cosme stores and 14 Rosemary stores. Among them, the most highly expected cat-themed collection will be launched in Japan in December. 

This new product, listed as one of Twitter's most heatedly discussed topics, has already taken the lead in Japan. It is reported the cat-themed collection will contain 15 stock keeping units (SKU), of which, the eye-shadow products will be launched first. The six eye-shadow sets included represent six different kinds of cats. Each set is featured with one color that matches with a corresponding cat, so that the personality of the specific cat can be fit for the makeup style of consumers. This combination is popular among Chinese as well as global consumers.

Cat Eyeshadow
Cat Eyeshadow

The new collection also contains lip gloss, blusher and other products, among which, lip gloss will be launched in December. This way of launching new products marks a transformation of VENUS MARBLE's overall strategy. Since then, this brand will launch its new products in series instead of single items, the purpose of which is to create an image of a world-famous beauty brand.

By collaborating with such renowned sales channels as Cosme, Rosemary and LoFt, VENUS MARBLE's popularity will get enhanced, which facilitates its further expansion into the whole Japanese market. VENUS MARBLE plans to extend to more collection stores in Japan, which marks a further step to realize its global layout, according to Wen Chong, the brand's co-partner responsible for sales channels.

In the future, VENUS MARBLE will continue its focus on Asia while also expects to explore the European market in 2020 and North America market for the next step.

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