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Very Clean Planet Partners with BravoWhale to Launch the First Global Digital Engagement Hub for Carbon Asset Management with Unprecedented Efficiency, Timeliness, Granularity, and Traceability

HONG KONG, Apr 19, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Very Clean Planet (VCP) today announced the launch of its global digital engagement hub for carbon asset management and the inaugural OTC (over-the-counter) I-REC (international renewable energy credit) trade between Hebei Construction and Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HECIG) and BroadVision Hong Kong, Ltd. (BVHK).

VCP is the world's first blockchain-enabled platform where each carbon credit certificate can be traced end-to-end, preventing any fraudulent offering or double counting that is difficult to verify in today's market. Specifically, VCP empowers insight into each I-REC in much finer granularity regarding its origin, process, seasonality, and a host of other pertinent environmental attributes, ensuring the member organization's compliance with its corporate ESG standards in the most stringent, accountable, and timely manner.

"The lack of transparency and trust for cross-border carbon credits poses serious challenges to multinational corporations seeking to achieve carbon neutrality across all locales as well as to regional renewable energy producers seeking to monetize their carbon assets globally," said VCP Managing Director Yunping Hsu. "VCP has been built from the ground-up to digitally transform the global carbon market, alleviating those challenges while delivering superior efficiency, security, liquidity, and value for our members."

"We are very excited to partner with VCP to launch its digital engagement hub for I-REC, which is seamlessly integrated with our blockchain-based enterprise carbon asset management platform," said Mr. Zhu Shaokang, CEO of BravoWhale Technology (BWT), "This makes VCP the world's only platform that conveys unprecedented insight into each I-REC's entire lifecycle, resulting in greater trust and more timely decisions for all participants."

"As a global leader in professional services for sustainability and climate change, Deloitte is devoted to supporting clients on business transformation by taking advantage of technology and data, based on strong collaboration with strategic partners such as HECIG and BWT," explained Allan Xie, Climate & Sustainability Practice Leader, Deloitte China. "Today's inaugural I-REC trade between HECIG and BVHK on VCP symbolizes that a successful closed-loop digital carbon ecosystem has come into fruition. We look forward to expanding this ecosystem so as to build a more sustainable future, together with our partners and clients."

"A robust, scalable, fully digital and truly global carbon platform is the key to fulfilling the world's zero-carbon commitments under the Paris Accord," commented Dr. Daniel Kammen, Distinguished Professor of Sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley and IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) lead author on the seminal report which contributed to its winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. "We applaud VCP's and BWT's vision and efforts in launching this groundbreaking platform and for consummating its first cross-border I-REC trade between HECIG and BVHK by addressing critical issues such as authenticity, timeliness, and traceability, once and for all, which should solidify the international drive and mutual trust toward a greener future with a compelling financial incentive."

"Yingda Securities has been a pioneer in carbon asset management in China," stated Mr. Chen Kai, CEO of Yingda Securities Co., Ltd., a wholly-own subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China, "We are very enthusiastic about digital transformation in the carbon economy and believe initiatives like VCP will have a positive impact to global enterprises for achieving their ESG compliance objectives."

"To comply with the Chinese Government's two-carbon mandate," said Mr. Wang Shuanghai, Chairman of Jointo Energy Investment Co., Ltd. (000600.SZ), an HECIG's wholly-owned subsidiary, "HECIG has led the energy industry in digital transformation by adopting cutting-edge technologies such as BWT's blockchain/IoT platform solution to digitize and intellectualize our carbon assets with outmost accountability, so that they can be efficiently traded and optimally monetized internationally. We invite and welcome all responsible organizations worldwide to join our crusade toward carbon neutrality and to transform our earth into a very clean planet."

About Very Clean Planet
Very Clean Planet is a global digital engagement hub that manages, aggregates, and facilitates the flow of carbon assets, guaranteeing unprecedented authenticity, transparency, efficiency, immediacy, and liquidity. We are driving a paradigm shift for the world to reach carbon neutrality on schedule by empowering organizations to meet their mandated or voluntary ESG (Environmental & Social Governance) compliance targets ahead of schedule. To register as a member, please visit for more details.

About BravoWhale Technology
BravoWhale Technology, headquartered at the Shanghai Pudong Free Trade Zone, is a leading platform solution provider that helps the enterprise unlock and maximize its intrinsic asset value via digital transformation, with proven use cases and compelling success stories across B2B financing, taxation, carbon management, etc. Integrating blockchain, big data, AI, and IoT into a holistic cloud platform while optimizing it per actual business scenarios, our solution empowers the enterprise to digitize its core assets such as cash flow or carbon credits into a private chain of transparent and immutable data for the benefit of engaging counterparties to conduct their businesses with higher efficiency and greater trust, thereby unleashing the true value of such underlying assets. For more information, please visit

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