Viettel's latest rebranding matches the group's mission of pioneering the creation of digital societies

HANOI, Vietnam, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Viettel Group has unveiled a new logo and new slogan as part of an extensive rebranding initiative, 16 years after the introduction of the last branding in 2004. The rebranding reflects Viettel's strategic diversification in recent years.

Viettel Logo 1
Viettel Logo 1


Viettel Logo 2
Viettel Logo 2

Having realized its mission of "Popularizing telecommunication services" in Vietnam, in 2018, Viettel announced its mission of "Pioneering the creation of digital societies" and its strategic shift from a traditional telco to a digital services provider.

Viettel's CEO, Le Dang Dzung, said: "Alongside the announcement of the mission of 'Pioneering the creation of digital societies', by rebranding, Viettel want to push for a significant change of mindset to successfully become a digital services provider, a pioneering and leading group in the digital era."

New red-themed logo and new slogan "your way"

The new Viettel's logo uses red as the main color to create a youthful, bold, passionate, and active image. Red is also the color of the Vietnamese flag that represents the love for the country and the pioneering mission of the group.

In terms of design, the signature quotation marks were replaced by a message bubble icon on top of the character 'I'. This icon still signifies Viettel's idea of listening, respecting customer voices, now including all digital media. It also implies Viettel's transformation from a telco to a digital services provider. The overall shape is simplified and uses lowercase characters to create an open and friendly impression.

Viettel removes the "Say It" in their popular 2004 slogan (Say it your way) to leave only "your way" in the new one. It creates an open message to customers, encouraging them to be creative and express their personality. Furthermore, the new slogan allows adaption to be used with multiple businesses unlike its predecessor "Say it your way", which was a direct reference to Viettel's telecommunications business.

Core brand values

Before, Viettel's core brand values were Caring and Innovative. In the coming age, these two values will be maintained and further incorporated in the group activities. The rebranding introduces a new core brand value: Passionate which means to add youthful and energetic attributes to the brand.

These three values are encompassed in a single word representing Viettel's brand philosophy: Diversity.

Unchanging corporate values

The rebranding adds new values to the brand but Viettel's core corporate values and vision of a "Caring Innovator" will always be upheld and be reflected in the group's activities. The group's brand name also remains unchanged as Viettel is a Vietnamese company with a responsibility to the country and its people. Finally, Viettel will keep the spirit of respecting people, serving people as individuals, of togetherness, and social responsibility.

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