Vieworks to Showcase its Complete Dental Detector Lineup at IDS 2021

ANYANG, South Korea, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Vieworks, a global leader in the X-ray imaging industry, presents its complete dental detector lineups at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2021 (hall 11.2 P/R 28/29) from 22 to 25 September. IDS is the world's biggest trade fair for dentistry and dental technology, which takes place in Cologne, Germany every two years. More than 160,000 visitors from 64 countries visited IDS 2019.

VIVIX-C series, CMOS line sensor X-ray detectors
VIVIX-C series, CMOS line sensor X-ray detectors

At IDS, Vieworks will present its two dental detector series: VIVIX-D series, dynamic flat panel detectors, and VIVIX-C series, CMOS line sensor detectors. VIVIX-D series is a perfect solution for all-in-one dental CBCT and panoramic imaging. It is offered with both a-Si technology and IGZO technology, the latest TFT panel which has been emerging as a core technology in the dental field. VIVIX-C series is Vieworks' latest series which employs CMOS line sensor for high-precision panoramic imaging. 

In the end, based on the novel technology from Vieworks, dentists can enhance their daily workflow and provide high-quality patient care. In addition, Vieworks' network all around the world offers immediate customer service on time.

"Debuting VIVIX-D series based on a-Si TFT technology in IDS 2019 was a huge success. This year, we are excited to introduce our new X-ray detectors employing IGZO technology and launch VIVIX-C series with CMOS line sensor technology." Jinwoo Nam, senior sales manager, explains about Vieworks' complete dental X-ray detector lineups to be presented this year. "We will take this as an opportunity to present Vieworks' unmatched imaging solutions and secure new customers around the world."

VIVIX-D series with IGZO TFT

  • For dental CBCT and panoramic imaging      
  • Available in 3 sizes (10 * 17 cm, 17 * 17 cm, and 17 * 24 cm)
  • Supreme image quality with high resolution and SNR, and low image lag
  • Enhanced workflow with reliable image acquisition and transfer powered by Safe™

VIVIX-C series with CMOS line sensor      

  • For dental panoramic imaging      
  • Available in 2 sizes (15 * 1 cm and 23 * 1 cm)
  • Sharp panoramic image quality even at a lower dose
  • Enhanced user convenience with onboard image correction and simple SDK API

About Vieworks Co., Ltd.

Vieworks debuted its dental detectors based on its established imaging technology with over 20 years of experience in the X-ray imaging field. Since its debut, Vieworks' dental detectors quickly gained market recognition for their superior image quality and stable operation. As a global leader in digital imaging in various applications from medical X-ray imaging to industrial X-ray inspection, Vieworks offers the most advanced flat panel detectors and software as a solution to the world.

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