VISTA Eye Specialist collaborates with Award Winning Childrens' Books Publisher to provide "A Magical Christmas" 2020 celebrations

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To combat the growing Kids Myopia (shortsightedness) problem that is now reaching pandemic[1] heights, VISTA Eye Specialist (VISTA) is announcing a partnership with noted publisher 'The Five-A Alliance', to educate children on the importance of great eyesight and eye care. 

A Magical Christmas at VISTA Eye Specialist Kids with Award Winning Children's illustrated story book - 'A Sunset Christmas'- combining fun activities and giveaways.
A Magical Christmas at VISTA Eye Specialist Kids with Award Winning Children's illustrated story book - 'A Sunset Christmas'- combining fun activities and giveaways.

Most parents consider Myopia an inconvenience solvable with glasses or contact lenses. However, studies[2] show increased risks of sight-threatening eye diseases such as glaucoma, retinal detachment and myopic macular degeneration. Risks may increase from 2x higher (for -3.00D of myopia) to 41x higher (for over-6.00D), highlighting the importance of slowing Myopia progression to protect our kids' vision.

"Our focus is to provide an Edutainment approach to eye care education. Each step of the kids' journey here is carefully tailored for experiential learning and habit culturing. Our VISTA SMART Kids program is designed to teach kids good eye habits through a hands-on approach involving their family," explains Mr Bernard Chan, Marketing for VISTA Kids.

The collaboration focuses on incorporating 'A Sunset Story' series into the VISTA Kids' 'A Magical Christmas' celebration. A Juvenile Fiction Category Medal Winner at the 2017 IPPY Book Awards, 'A Sunset Story' is a beautifully illustrated fantasy adventure series revolving 3 puppies and the secret lives of animals weaving through our myths and legends. The series is illustrated by Art Director Woon Bing, an artist involved with notable movies in Hollywood such as X-Men: First Class, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters among others, and who won an award at the Malaysian National Intellectual Property Awards in 2018, for his work in the series.

"We hope that by incorporating VISTA's adventure theme with our joyous characters, we can create a complete edutainment journey that will encourage kids to discover the joys of reading, storytelling and, imagination instead of relying on their devices for a long period of time," explains Mr. Chuah Jern Ern of The Five-A Alliance.

"The celebrations will have photo opportunities, creative writing contests, Facebook Live storytelling, a Christmas themed SMART Kids Program, giveaways and more. The goal is to create a magical journey for the kids, through every touch point and the animals within the story, to create their own story while they are here. We want the kids to take home the key good eyesight habits, and ultimately have good vision with the goal to maximize their learning and development to reach their full potential," adds Mr. Chan.

About VISTA Eye Specialist

Founded in 1999, VISTA is one of the largest Eye Specialist Centers in Malaysia with 11 centres covering the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru.

About The Five-A Alliance

The Ae'tann Authors Artists Animators & Advisors Alliance comprises individuals who share a love of reading and animals, with hopes to bring joy, raise understanding and engagement with animals.