Vital commercial knowledge to drive the success of your cosmetics practice

Ensure your Appearance Medicine business both survives and thrives in a rapidly growing market

SYDNEY, Oct. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cosmetic Medicine industry is experiencing exponential growth. Australians are now spending about $1 billion a year on cosmetic surgery and treatments, and the industry is still growing rapidly. 

The Cosmetics Practitioner Business Summit will provide attendees with the essential operational and business expertise required to drive the improvement and accelerate the growth of business.

The Cosmetics Practitioner Business Summit, 29th November - 1stDecember 2017, will provide a platform for knowledge sharing on key themes of:

  • Selecting the most effective marketing strategies to grow and promote your brand
  • Discovering successful methods to uncover market opportunities
  • Transforming the quality of your patient experience to become competitive
  • Strategies to ensure operational efficiency in your practice management
  • Mitigating costly risk from patient data privacy and marketing compliance breaches

Hear expert commentary from:

  • Dr Rodney Aziz, Cosmetic Surgeon and Owner, Family Doctor Group
  • Luke Cronin, Cosmetic and Celebrity Dentist, Quality Dental
  • Robin Curran, Founder, Australian Cosmetic Nurses Alliance
  • Alison Dale, Medical Coordinator, Brazilian Beauty
  • Dr Ronald Feiner, Cosmetic Physician & Medical Dean of ACCS, Cosmetica Medical Aesthetic Clinic
  • Paul Fitzgerald, Director, Cyber Health International
  • Dr Monique Flores, Owner/Operator, Northern Skin Studio 
  • Naomi Gregory, Director, Spa Sessions
  • Trish Hammond, CEO, Plastic Surgery Hub
  • Jo Hannah, CEO & Managing Director, Total Face Group
  • James Harrison, Cosmetic Physician, Sydney Cosmetic Medical Centres
  • Suzie Hoitink, Founder, Clear Complexions Clinics and many more.

This event presents real world examples of how to ensure appearance medicine business survive and grow in the market. Join us at this industry-leading event and be part of the conversation!

Registrations are now open, contact Akolade on +612-9247-6000 or at Quote VIP Code: PRFXNW1
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