Vodien revolutionizes Cloud Hosting security with Hybrid Intelligence

SINGAPORE, Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Vodien has released new cloud-based innovation based on advanced Hybrid Intelligence technology.

Singapore's leading 24/7 managed cloud hosting provider, Vodien is rolling out to customers A.I. Sentry, an advanced fusion between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. The breakthrough data-driven digital transformation will help scale cloud and server resources across dynamic hybrid environments.

A comprehensive cyber security program, A.I. Sentry uses Hybrid Intelligence to strengthen the security implementation in its managed web hosting plans.

Vodien's advanced security coverage consists of three sectors: Application Security, Network Security, and Anti-Bot Security, together designed to thwart DDoS (Denial of Service), brute force, hacking, and other potential security threats that continue to plague millions of users worldwide.

This protection is achieved through a comprehensive approach on predictive analytics and breakthrough insights to identify patterns and trends of both known and new cyber-attacks.

With Hybrid Intelligence technology, Vodien efficiently manages all resources globally, to predict and identify security risks, and reduce potential service downtimes – ensuring that service client level agreements are consistently maintained.

"Over the last 5 years, our Research and Development team has been designing and creating intelligent algorithms, incorporating machine-learning insights to ensure that predictions on certain behaviours are accurate. This allows us to systematically deliver high-performance solutions in the best way possible," said Alvin Poh, Vodien's CEO.

"One product of Hybrid Intelligence is our A.I. Sentry system, an innovative outcome stemming from both natural and artificial intelligence. A.I. Sentry doesn't bank on computer systems alone; it also allows for crowd-sourced feedback to provide constant updates in a virtuous improvement cycle for the system to learn from."

The A.I. Sentry platform is dynamically propagated to all Vodien servers to ensure robust and secure performance for its web hosting plans.

About Vodien

Established 2002, Vodien Internet Solutions is the leader in web and domain hosting in Singapore. They provide managed web hosting and server solutions suited for a wide range of personal and business needs. To engage with Vodien, you may contact them at www.vodien.com.