Vpon Releases Hong Kong Quarter 3 Mobile Advertising Statistics & Trends Data Report

HONG KONG, Dec. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Vpon Big Data Group, an Asia's leading big data ad tech company, releases its Hong Kong Quarter 3 Mobile Advertising Statistics & Trends Data Report, unveiling consumer's digital behavior when consuming products or services in one of the fast-growing industries -- travel and tourism. The report also gives professional advice and tips on formulating and optimizing ad strategies upon its valuable insights on mobile users' behavior pattern, as well as the latest insights of the Hong Kong mobile market.

The report indicates that the length of consumer journey varies among users in the travel industry. Over half of the consumers (55%) undergo a relatively short journey that interacts only with four touchpoints or less, while 30% of them interact with 10 or more touchpoints before conversion, resulting in an extremely long journey.

On the other hand, mobile has proven its prominent role in driving conversion, especially during weekends. It is shown that conversion through mobile devices occupy 60% of the total, indicating consumers are more likely to convert through mobile devices than on desktop, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays.

More, ad could act as a catalyzer to trigger consumer's interaction for further engagement and ultimately drives conversion. Compared to actions driven by organic touchpoints, the graph shows that actions driven by ad touchpoints are more fluttered, illustrating 18.3% more response during lunch hours.

Vpon's APAC General Manager Arthur Chan said, "Consumers share different behaviors. Marketers shall think comprehensively by considering the nature of the campaign, consumer's behavior or their journey to form a solid communication and ad strategy. For instance, an intensive communication strategy, targeting consumers who has shorter journey, shall focus on enhancing the SOV (Share of Voice) and delivering straightforward messages like offers or discounts. This may encourage their instant actions. Another strategy is long-tailed communication. Targeting cautious consumers, the strategy goes with an on-going ad exposure with dynamic and informative messages that sustain communication, allowing consumers to gain thorough information on the brand, its products and services."

Another interesting finding concerns with Hong Kong mobile user behavior pattern. The report states an increase in the use of large-screen size mobile devices among Hong Kong mobile users, whereas phablet is getting more and more popular in particular. Such phenomenon corresponds with phablet users having the highest share on most of the app categories, highlighting video category absorbs most of the phablet users. Furthermore, the mobile traffic in 18 districts is seen to be dynamic. Despite half of the traffic comes from the New Territories, the pattern changes throughout the day. For instance, the traffic is highly active from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in CBD (central business district) and commercial areas, while residential areas take up another two active time slots per day.

Compared to data analysis, big data analytics examines more comprehensively massive raw and unstructured data, with the purpose of finding patterns and deriving insights. Arthur Chan further commented, "The advertising environment is competitive and rapid-changing, while consumer behavior varies upon different industries and brands. Marketers can formulate effective strategies and construct fruitful campaigns with big data analytics, leading to business optimization. Eventually, it returns as insightful data favoring your next ad and business strategies, creating a virtuous cycle of business development."

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