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Vpon Wee Global Data Platform Five Freemium Officially Launched: Boost Innovation of Data Application!

Vpon Wee Global Data Platform Five Freemium Officially Launched: Boost Innovation of Data Application!

TAIPEI, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vpon Big Data Group, the leading company of big data ecosystem, announced on June 14th the official launch of "Wee Global Data Platform," a one-stop data service platform that helps businesses create personalized data innovation, and free early access to selective features are now provided for businesses as a trial to experience the platform. The four modular services of Wee Global Data Platform help enterprises, brands, and governments to integrate their existing first-party data with third-party data provided on the platform, painting a complete picture of the audience and facilitate precise marketing. Furthermore, the platform is committed to ensuring the legal and compliant use of data, enabling users to drive data transformation and innovative value in a safe and secure environment.

Multiple data sources integration to visualize consumer behavior and market trends

The website visitor behavior data, app interaction data, offline customers data, and operational data are all "first-party data" owned by enterprises, brands, or government entities. However, unorganized data is often massive and complex, making it challenging to apply directly. Today, through the Wee Global Data Platform, businesses can import their first-party data on their own which will automatically be visualized in the data dashboards, allowing them to understand the user behavior of their target audience. Through leveraging and analyzing the "third-party data" packages provided by the platform, such as mobile trajectories, consumer data, off-site app behavioral data..., the complete profile of brand's consumers will shine through in details, enables businesses to develop effective strategies and encourage interactions accordingly.

Victor Wu, founder and CEO of Vpon, stated that Vpon is committed to maximize the business development value hidden within data. With the support of a professional team, Vpon aims to provide a user-friendly platform for those who possess first-party data, empowering them to analyze their data sources, and understand the value behind the numbers. For enterprises that require additional application of third-party data, Wee Global Data Platform offers legally compliant data sources to broaden audience analysis and develop more precise strategic deployments. Vpon also welcomes data suppliers to utilize Wee Global Data Platform, providing a secure, highly protected, and legally compliant platform that enables data monetization, enhancing the business value of data, and generates profits.

The extension of Wee Global Data Platform features enables small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to customize their data management.

Vpon has previously integrated data sources for numerous Taiwan and Japan government departments and large private enterprises through the Wee Global Data Platform, supporting them to develop precise marketing strategies tailored to their target audiences. Now that this service has been modularized, Vpon has decided to offer businesses the opportunity to register and experience the features for free online. Through Wee Global Data Platform, businesses can now comprehend huge amounts of complex data through the dashboards created with the data visualization feature. This not only reduces the learning curve in data analysis for non-technical professionals, but also allows businesses to focus on developing customized marketing strategies.

The four hero functions of Wee Global Data Platform include: Data Marketplace, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, and Data Activation. It distinguishes itself from other data analysis tools in the market by providing more refined and comprehensive customized solutions, enhancing data value in all prospects. For instance, App operators often face challenges in processing and exploring Geolocation data of consumers. However, through the visualized dashboards of Wee Global Data Platform, App operators can now evaluate the quality of the backend data acquisition process, hence, optimize the methods for better App services and positioning. This capability is currently lacking in the market, as there are no existing solutions that allow businesses to incorporate insights from geolocation data.

Big data is a crucial business resource for sustainable development in the future. Data-driven organizations not only enhance customer acquisition and retention rates, but also generate greater business profits. By customizing user experiences using data, it is even possible to double the businesses revenue growth. Vpon invites everyone who is ready to experience the power of data to join the Wee Global Data Platform now.

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