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VTC Academy Aims to Raise 20 Million USD for the Development Plan of a Digital Academic Ecosystem in the Information Technology and Design Industry

VTC Academy Aims to Raise 20 Million USD for the Development Plan of a Digital Academic Ecosystem in the Information Technology and Design Industry GlobeNewswire January 28, 2022

HANOI, Vietnam, Jan. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VTC Information Technology and Design Academy (VTC Academy) has announced its business performance for three years after securing funding of 3 million USD from Vietnam Investment Group (VIG). In addition, VTC Academy revealed that it plans to raise 20 million USD for its next 5-year development plan.

During the previous three years, VTC Academy has received full support from VIG for the establishment of three branches in the two most dynamic cities in Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. VTC Academy has mainly focused on building a high-quality professional team that develops various academic programs according to the strictest recruiting standards. Therefore, those professionals play a critical role in R&D and are one of the key pillars at VTC Academy. In addition, a large international education partner network has differentiated VTC Academy from other institutions in Vietnam, resulting in its superior academic standards and the reputation. Furthermore, the academy has equipped a range of modern learning facilities and resources for excellent support for all students here.       

For the last two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has exerted an adverse impact on most of the service companies and educational organizations in Vietnam, several of them even had to shut down or go bankrupt. VTC Academy, on the other hand, has proved its agility, adaptability, flexibility, and capacity by consistently coming up with innovative solutions that have resulted in revenue and enrollment growth of up to 200% each year over the previous 3 years.

Furthermore, the digital education ecosystem that VTC Academy has been developing will create a game-changing shift to optimize business performance and cost-efficiency. This ecosystem allows VTC Academy to automate workflows in marketing communication, admission, academic management, real-time portfolio updates, and other areas. As a result, engagement between VTC Academy and students, as well as between businesses and students, have been substantially enhanced throughout the learning process.

Over a decade of development, VTC Academy has successfully developed more than 10,000 students who are currently working at leading organizations in Programming, Full-stack development, Game development, 3D Design and E-commerce such as: Shopify, Sparx*, Viettel, VNG, Gameloft, Shopee,... VTC Academy always guarantees employment upon graduation for 100% of students.

Mr. Hoang Viet Tan – CEO at VTC Academy shared: “Vietnam has been experiencing an explosion in demand for human resources in Tech, Design and Digital Marketing sectors. The Covid-19 pandemic has become one of a crucial driving force, stimulating the growth of technology-based human resources across Asia and around the world, including Vietnam. Despite having a unique mindset and eagerness to adopt new technology trends, Vietnamese youngsters need to be equipped with adequate knowledge and competency, sharpen their creativity, learn how to apply the technology to meet the increasing demands of the domestic and regional market.”

Mr. Hoang Viet Tung – Chairman at VTC Academy said:

“According to the next 5-year business plan, with a targeted fund of 20 million USD, VTC Academy plans to provide high-quality educational opportunities for all students across the country by developing the digital academic ecosystem and expanding new branches. Our major goal is to develop a student-centered academic ecosystem that includes an online career orientation library 4.0, an E-learning platform, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, and a centralized data platform to engage students throughout the learning process, as well as a recruitment platform that connects enterprises and high-quality human resources in Vietnam.”

Ms. Le Thi Khanh An - Education Investment Director at VIG shared her thoughts about VTC Academy: “VTC Academy has achieved rapid progress and earned the trust of VIG as a result of dominant core values such as a dedicated and experienced leadership board, a clear long-term vision, and a coherent development strategy.”

About VTC Academy:

VTC Information Technology and Design Academy (VTC Academy), founded in 2010, is a pioneer in providing a digital education environment based on worldwide standards in Information Technology (IT), Design, and Digital Marketing in Vietnam. VTC Academy focuses on developing high-quality Vietnamese human resources that meet the recruitment needs of both the local and global workforces to become a Top Asian Education Organization in IT, Design, and Digital Business Administration in the next 10 years.

About Vietnam Investment Group (VIG)

Vietnam Investments Group (“VIG”) is a private equity firm founded in 2006, focusing on investing in high growth and influential businesses in Vietnam. Currently, VIG is managing 3 funds with the capital of 500 million USD. The investment portfolio of VIG consists of top Technology Groups and Education organizations such as Seedcom, Teko, ELSA Speak, VTC Academy, Galaxy, Wellspring School System, Sylvan Learning Vietnam, Online Management Training (OMT)...

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