V-Younger International Medical Group Could be "The Best Choice for Miss International"

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 57th Miss International China Finals was held in Beijing Stars Film & Television Park on Sep 23, 2017. The chairman of China Organizing Committee, the chairman Liu Shuwen of Oriental Flying Films, the vice chairman Zhang Tongsheng of Chinese Photographers Society, the president Li Yihan of Asian Medical Cosmetic Association, the dean Ma Lin of V-Younger International Medical Group, and the general manager Yingdong Qiao of Prettyology on-line shopping mall were invited to attend in this beauty pageant. After voting and careful deliberation among Organizing Committee and industry experts, Wang Shengxu was chosen as winner of the contest. She will attend the 57th Miss International Finals and represent China.

5V Professor Ma brings beauty to the world
5V Professor Ma brings beauty to the world

Miss International, first held in 1960 in the Long Beach, California, is one of the three most famous beauty pageants in the world. It has been successfully held for 56 times. Selecting an attendee for the "Miss International Beauty Pageant" has always been an important national activity, so "Miss International Beauty Pageant" is also known as "Beauty Olympics". The purpose of Miss International China is to select "Miss China" to attend the annual Miss International Finals and to represent China. Since China Times Media organized the Miss International China, it has cultivated lots of excellent young candidates, and Miss International China has become an influential beauty pageant in China.

V-Younger International Medical Investment & Management Ltd (5V Group) is a subsidiary of Singapore China Knowledge Investment Holding Group, a comprehensive multinational enterprise involved in many fields. Its head office is located in Beijing. With years of cultivation, 5V Group has accumulated sufficient capital and excellent resources in concerning areas. 5V Group has established 7 clusters globally and 13 subsidiaries in provinces and cities of China, The group owns V-Younger Medical Beauty Clinic, Weijia International, Hongxiang Network, 5V Business College, Qing Wei Fundation and other strategic business units. Currently, the group has several subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other key provinces. At the same time, the group has established strategic cooperation with medical organizations in America, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Thailand.

The beauty industry has always been involved in the development of Beauty Contest. 5V Group offers customized services for candidates. Prettyology on-line shopping mall is an E-commerce platform which focuses on Chinese people's health and has six themes including skin care, body care, healthy food, health screening and healthy cosmetics.

Wei-Yang charcoal facial mask, for instance, is one of the flagship brands in Prettyology on-line shopping mall. It is a bold innovation incorporating cutting-edge technology and big data. The research and development of this facial mask incorporated the unique characteristics of cosmetics industry and different female skin types. R&D center and large database of 5V Group are key factors involved in the production of Wei-Yang charcoal facial mask.

The support provided by 5V Group in Miss International China Finals indicates the leading position of 5V Group in the beauty industry and its corporate social responsibility. In the 57th Miss International China Finals, skin care products from 5V Group will help candidates to enhance their skins, so they can perform with confidence.

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