Wanka Online has won China's Most Promising Company Award for 2018 from E&Y and Fudan

BEIJING, Oct. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 12th, E&Y unveiled the shortlist of 25 awarded companies in the selection of the most promising companies in China assessed by E&Y and Fudan. Among them, 20 companies have been granted the Most Promising Company Award, and 5 companies have been granted the Most Promising Seed Company Award. Thanks to its huge growth potential and innovation capability, Wanka Online won the Most Promising Company Award.

China's Most Promising Company Award from E&Y and Fudan is the most authoritative award in the financial and economic sector in China. It is co-hosted by E&Y, the world's most authoritative accounting and financial consulting company, and the Management School of Fudan University, one of the top universities in China. It aims at finding the companies with huge growth potential. Thanks to its transparent and authoritative standard, the award has far-reaching influence both socially and economically. It has been successfully carried out 8 times. The assessment panel takes a very close look at various aspects of the candidate companies, such as their finances, operations and team building. The companies receiving the award all have great growth potential and the capacity of sustainable development. They also enjoy noticeable advantages in their respective sectors. This year, Wanka Online has outperformed many other companies and received the award, indicating the fact that the market has recognized the growth of Wanka Online.

Wanka Online is an innovative tech company that is committed to exploring China's mobile internet market. Thanks to its artificial intelligence platform and data analysis function embedded in the company's platform, Wanka Online is able to precisely target android smart phone users. It is capable of offering personalized, real-time and scenario-based advertising content through the pre-set applications and user interface of smart phone manufacturers, meeting the demand of various types of customers. Wanka Online has established close partnerships with most of China's well-known smart phone manufacturers, helping to connect various companies with hundreds of millions of android smart phone users in China. Currently Wanka Online has established an active android mobile ecological system, offering services to smart phone manufacturers, advertisers and application developers.

Industry insiders have pointed out that the advertisers' demand for targeted advertising has been met thanks to the development of big data and AI technology. For example, the American company of The TradeDesk buys service through programmatic advertising, winning the customers' recognition and achieving rapid business growth. Likewise, Wanka Online helps advertisers and application developers in China to improve efficiency and create value, winning the customers' recognition and strong competitiveness in the market.

He Zhaofeng, director of the program of China's Most Promising Company Award from E&Y and Fudan and E&Y's chief partner in charge of high-growth markets in the Greater China region, said: "The changes in the macro-environment and the technological progress have greatly influenced the industry development, bringing about both new opportunities and challenges to the companies. In 2018, the Chinese economy is expected to continue its trend of steady growth. The government will also actively promote industry upgrades, improve the investment environment and encourage innovation and development. The Belt and Road Initiative will continue offering important opportunities for the emerging markets. The prospect of M&A among companies is positive, and various sectors will go through technical innovation and digitalization." Wanka Online is committed to making full use of technology to improve efficiency, promoting integration through services, and focusing on exploring the commercial value of the combination of hardware and internet, in order to realize the vision of creating a smart and highly-connected world.